5 Types Of Social Gatherings Where You Can Wear Diamond Jewellery


Diamond is more than a piece of mere jewellery. This precious gemstone has its connection with the sacred Vedas. Diamond stands for Venus, the planet of love. Those who are sole believers of astrology prefer wearing diamonds on Fridays. But there are millions of people who like to put on their favourite diamond jewellery on every occasion. Wearing a diamond will jazz up your style with its beauty.
Whether you are going to dress up for a party, birthday, anniversary, or just a get-together, diamonds are irreplaceable. The elegance, shine and design of diamond jewellery are somewhat evergreen. The charm never fades out. Getting the right pair of dresses and footwear can make you look beautiful. But jewellery is something that helps in adding the X-factor to your attire.
Here are the top 5 social gatherings where you can go with a piece of diamond jewellery.

-Wedding Ceremonies

Did you know diamond has its root in ‘Adamas’; the Greek word stands for unalterable as well as unbreakable? According to Greek mythology, Cupid had arrows with diamond tips that made people fall in love when they got hit. The couple getting married can choose their rings from a vast variety of lab engagement rings UK. As an invitee, you can wear diamond jewellery too.
Whether your best friend’s wedding or a colleague’s wedding, wedding ceremonies require proper planning. From dresses to accessories, you put a lot of effort into getting ready to attend the wedding.

-Office Party

Office parties are the place where you must look elegant yet classy. Diamonds always reflect the wearer’s personality and turn out to be suitable for office gatherings. Diamond jewellery can easily blend with gowns, formals or some fashionable dresses.


The best time to wear diamonds is Christmas. When the entire city is ready with amazing decoration, food, carol and several festivities, you ought to take part in it. This is when you purchase gifts for your near and dear ones. What can be a great gift other than diamonds?

-New Year’s Eve

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends. Get ready with your newly bought two-piece outfit; nothing else can complement well other than diamond accessories. Diamonds not only bring good luck but also helps you add sophistication to your look. Have lots of food, drink, and fun, and who knows, you may get many proposals.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Every time when you are invited to a birthday party or an anniversary, diamond jewellery has no alternative. It can be sleek neckpieces, bracelets or beautiful Hatton Garden Emerald rings, and you will make a lot of heads turn. You are ready to rock the gathering with a plunging neckline, pair of high heels, diamond earrings, and a statement ring.


Diamond is one of those gemstones that people have been wearing for ages. Trends keep changing with time, and so do jewellery designs. There is no such occasion when diamonds are not appropriate. Celebrate happiness, love, and togetherness with the beauty of precious diamonds.

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