How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube for Beginners in 7 Steps

how to solve a rubik's cube for beginners

If you’ve tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube before and have gotten frustrated, don’t give up! A lot of people struggle with the puzzle at first, but once you get the hang of it, solving it becomes fun and even addicting. With that said, there are some simple steps you can follow to make sure you’re using the best methods for completing this colorful puzzle. Here are seven simple steps on how to solve a Rubik’s Cube for beginners! Step #1 – First things first!

Choose Your Method

1. Understand the Basics of the Rubik’s Cube – The first step is to understand how the cube works. The quickest way to learn is by watching this video and then practicing with a physical cube.

2. Align Edges – In order to solve the cube, you’ll need to align as many edges as possible so that each face has just one color on it.

 3. Combine Corners – Once you’ve aligned all the edges, your next goal is getting those corners solved! 4. Swap Two Corners – At this point, you should have two adjacent corners on one side that are both unsolved colors and need to be swapped with each other.

 Understand the Notation

Notation is how we record the moves on a cube. The first letter tells you which side of the cube you should be looking at, and the second letter represents what move to make on that face. If there are two letters listed together, they represent one turn. For example: R U2 B2 L’ U2 means rotate the right face 90 degrees clockwise (R), then turn it 180 degrees counterclockwise (U2), then turn it 90 degrees clockwise again (B2) and finally turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise (L’).

 Memorize the Algorithms

The memorization process is going to be different for everyone. The first thing you need to do is find the algorithms you will use when solving the cube and memorize them. There are many tutorials out there that can help teach you the correct way to solve the cube, which will make it easier for you. It doesn’t matter if you know how to solve a rubik’s cube or not, as long as you can find and memorize all of the algorithms that go into solving it.

 Practice, Practice, Practice

1. Take your cube and turn it over so that the yellow side faces you.

 2. Find an edge piece on one of the sides and turn it so that the white sticker is facing outwards, away from you.

3. Find the next edge piece on this same side, but this time rotates it so that the yellow sticker faces outwards, away from you instead of into yourself

. 4. Repeat step three until all six edge pieces are turned outwards and have yellow stickers facing them (away from yourself).

5. Turn your entire cube over so that you can see its blue side–the white stickers should now be facing up towards you with their corresponding colors showing through them (yellow-blue, orange-red etc.).

 Tips for Speeding Up

1. Place the white cross in front of you.

 2. Follow along the edges of this white cross with your fingers, running your fingers clockwise if it is on the right hand side or counter-clockwise if it is on the left hand side.

3. Follow this as far as possible before following step 1 again, continue like this until all of these lines are completed and you should have solved one face of the cube (how to solve a rubik’s cube for beginners). 4. Take another white cross and do exactly what you did before: follow these lines clockwise or counter-clockwise until they’re complete and finish solving one more face of the cube (how to solve a rubik’s cube for beginners).

 Try Some Variations

A rubik’s cube is a mechanical puzzle that can be solved by twisting and turning its different layers of cubes. A rubik’s cube has six sides, each with different colors on each side. The goal of the game is to solve the puzzle by matching all the colors on each side of the cube. This guide will walk you through solving your first rubik’s cube, step-by-step

 Never Give Up!

There are two ways you can go about solving your Rubik’s cube. The first is the beginner method, which is easy and requires no memorization. The second is the advanced method, which involves some memorization and will take some time to get used to. Regardless of which way you choose to do it, the first step is always the same: prepare your cube!

#1 Preparation: Make sure that all six sides of your puzzle are facing down.

#2 Cross 1&2 on Top Layer: Take one piece from Row One and place it on top of two pieces from Row Two.

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