Should I experiment with henna brows? Things to consider before attempting this brow treatment


Henna brow tinting has grown in favour as a professional brow-shaping process since it is thought to be a more natural, secure, and long-lasting alternative to regular tinting. But is all of the excitement true?

Henna has been used to colour hair and skin for hundreds of years, particularly in the East. In fact, as a child, I would see family members applying henna to their hair and brows, as well as sketching 

Henna is becoming a popular brow treatment, and it comes in a number of colours ranging from light blonde to black. It was touted as a two-week technique that dyed the skin and hair to seem like brow shadow. Although Eyebrow Henna can stain hair for up to six weeks and skin for up to six days.

How long does henna brow treatment last?

With the exception of Mina Ibrow Henna, the majority of the time, the longevity of the results is a myth. Henna is effective because it exfoliates discoloured skin. Customers would have to refrain from washing or cleaning the area to make it last longer. Furthermore, it didn’t pass muster for brow makeup, such as brow pencils or powder. It looked great on some folks, but it looked dreadful on those with porous or dry skin. Henna dye has occasionally remained on hairs for approximately the same amount of time as eyebrow colour, though this may vary depending on skin type. However, because some tint colours last longer than others, this can vary based on the goods you utilise.

What Other Problems Do Henna Tintings Cause?

Because henna is a difficult product to apply and perfect, there is minimal room for error. Because skin stains are difficult to erase, the application must be exactly what the client desires.

Because it does not conceal defects and frequently seems uneven, the outcome is based on the texture of the skin. This is especially problematic for those with thin hair or dry, oily, or porous skin. As a result, creating the look of a brow pencil or shadow that would sit on top of the skin and hide all of these faults is quite challenging.

The Benefits of Henna Brows

Henna can shape and define your brows if your skin and hair are the right types, but it may not be the greatest brow treatment for everyone.

It provides a good fundamental form for people who struggle to create and fill in their brows. Customers with scant or nonexistent brow hair will benefit the most from it. Because consumers could live with a “brow shadow” for a few days to see if they liked the shape, I used it a lot when I had clients who were thinking about getting microblading.

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