The impact of mental health on studies and educational progress


Poor mental status of students can affect studies at all เกมสล็อตออนไลน์ทั้งหมดที่เราให้บริการได้รับการทดสอบเกมเพื่อความเป็นธรรม คาสิโนใช้ตัวสร้างตัวเลขสุ่มเพื่อกำหนดผลของเกมของตนเพื่อให้เกิดผลลัพธ์แบบสุ่มทุกครั้ง G2GBET ฉะนั้นการชนะเกมของท่านขึ้นอยู่กับโชค เมื่อโชคเข้าข้างท่าน รับรองว่าจะได้รับผลกำไรแน่นอน the stages of educational life from school to university. Those students who are facing mental difficulties including anxiety, depression or loneliness can have a significant impact on a student’s ability to engage with their studies, make friends and make the most of their university experience. Recent challenges made it abundantly clear how closely academic success and mental health are connected in a multitude of ways. The association between learning disabilities and mental health concerns always provides the area for research.

Mental health challenges

It appears that the relationship between academic success and psychological health is a two sided track. Mental challenges that include anxiety and depression are responsible to distract students from learning with interfering the cognitive processes of learning. Mental health disabilities might be the result of constant feeling of failure and low self-esteem towards academic challenges. These students approach the assignment writers to take their help regarding academic assignments and projects.

Relationship between academic achievement and positive mental health

Academic achievement and positive mental health can impact each other significantly. Overall mental , resiliency and well-being positively effects the performance of students at school.  Adequate support by the teachers and families and success in educational life improves the self-esteem and emotional health of students (Darling-Hammond and Cook-Harvey, 2018). Coexistence of students’ mental health and academic success is often not identified or left untreated despite the strong and various studies that have proven the link between each other. Learning disabilities or psychiatric disorders can lead to an array of adverse outcomes for these type of students in later life.

Assignment help

Students who struggle with their mental health can be prone to irritability, emotional outbursts. Aggressive behaviours or boredom that leads to disobedience and disruption. Students that exhibit these type of behavioural issues are often punished with detentions. Or suspensions to reduce the risk of disrupting other students. Behavioural problems caused by mental health challenges make it difficult for students to deal with. The challenges in professional education and look for assignments guide. Academic writers provide the nursing assignment help easily as these assignments could be done seamlessly (Admin, 2019).

Role of teachers

Teachers spend more time with students during initial weeks and during that time they should lookout for signs of psychological problems. Teachers are expected to be the first responder regarding the students’ mental health  in the classroom. School leaders should make sure that trainings should be provided to the teachers for spotting warning signs of mental issues and deliver appropriate support. Schools should work on students’ mental health challenges that are leading to behavioural problems in the first place. Friendships and connections with classmates can improve academic performance, understanding of the subject, teamwork skills and self-esteem. 

Lecturers may notice the difference in student’s usual performance or may identify unfocussed or distracted students. Students may be distracted by other challenges or may felt strained due to their retarded mental health. Students with mental difficulties may also struggle in concentrating during seminars or lectures. That means students are not able to contribute in the sessions and take longer to understand concepts or are simply not able to focus the assigned task. 

Difficulties in retaining information

Students who have mental disorders are at risk of suffering from poor academic performance and resistance to anything that is related to school. This can include lack of communication in the classroom, poor relationships with peers and teachers and disinterest in pursuing passions and planning for the future. Students’ learning is also affected due to the fact that anxiety and depression can impact the working memory and make challenging to retain new information and recall previously learned information. 

Reduced school grades

Mental health challenges in childhood and adolescence can also be associated with reduced high school grades and challenges attending and completing post-secondary education. Students with mental challenges can experience multiple negative outcomes in early life by facing difficulty in making friends, learning, concentrating and completing work. They often experience poor grades, remain absent or suspended from schools and ultimately attempts to suicide. Reading challenges that persist in adulthood are generally associated with adult depression, low self-esteem and struggled with social functioning. Early detection of mental health struggles combined with supportive and individualised support can help in changing these students’ trajectories.

Academic progression

Students with mental health challenges may seem uninterested or unengaged with their long-term progression. Whether it be progression through the course or looking towards long term career goals and future employment, mental health risks can often block this long-term thinking. Students may be unable to think beyond the day they are facing or their immediate problems. It is often typical for students struggling with their mental health to face poorer student outcomes and be less likely to carry on to the next stage of their studies.


Many strategies exist for identifying students with mental health concerns at school, including teacher referrals and tracking office discipline referrals. These efforts require minimal time commitments but they often identify students with significant behavioural concerns. And commonly miss students experiencing internalising feelings such as anxiety or depression. Research indicates that the most equitable and structured approach involves using systematic teacher. Parent, and student questionnaires to measure and track students’ social, emotional, and behavioural skills. Such screening efforts occur multiple times throughout the year to ensure students who require mental supports are identified.

Not all the effects of mental health are directed towards the academic experience. The character and personality of a student may be impacted mental health challenges. This can mean that a student has less energy, they may seem less enthusiastic about university life. And as a result may not engage with extra-curricular activities and social occasions. Students with mental health risks may feel unable to leave their student accommodation. And unable to face new experiences and challenges that come with university life. This lack of enthusiasm can often become a cycle. In which they become more isolated and less able to engage with their peers and studies.


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