Vastu Directions For Offices (+ Tips, So Your Business Prospers)

Vastu for office

Vastu shastra has been getting popular these days, and one of the best ways you can take advantage of it is by using its concepts in your workplace.

Based on the five core elements – Fire, Water, Space, Air, and Earth, Vastu can help balance the energy around you. Thus, helping anyone occupying that space achieve their true potential.

Want to make sure your business reaches its full potential? Read on and implement the tips in this article.

How To Use The Cardinal Directions In Vastu


The North direction is best for your sales team to sit in. when sitting there, the team should also face the North direction. The pious energy of the North helps attract more high-paying customers.

Even if you are not on the sales team, facing the North when working on your business can help improve your mindset and productivity.

Those belonging to the banking sector, or have work related to legal or accounting services, should sit in the North-West.


The South-West direction is remarkable for skill development. The design and development team of any business should be sitting in this direction. Interns or students trying to master a skill should also utilize this direction.

The South also helps attract name and fame. Companies that are yet to establish themselves should have their key employees or leaders working in this direction. 

The team that works on client proposals, signing of contracts, and deals with money should sit in the South-East corner to increase cash flow. Facing the South while sitting here would also help. 

Ensure you do not use the South of South West to work for your business. Being a disposal zone of negative energy, it is bound to create problems for you. Consult a Vastu shastra consultant to help you identify the precisely correct areas in the South direction. This way, you can take full advantage of its goodness.


The marketing team of a business should be sitting in the East direction. The positivity of the East, brimming with the sun’s enriching energy will help the business create a powerful image for itself. 

You can add green colors or some plants in this direction to help increase the focus of the team. 

If you are a solopreneur and work as a digital marketer, copywriter, social media expert, or consultant, this direction will help you use creative ideas and do better in marketing.


We have already discussed how beneficial the South-West and North-West directions can be for specific teams working on your business. But that’s not all! 

The complete West direction is fantastic for making profits. That’s why Vastu suggests that the leaders of a company, the CEO, or business owner must be seated in the West direction of the office. 

Facing West while sitting in this direction will add the cherry on top of your cake (gains).

Bonus Vastu Tips For Offices

Add some motivation.

Wherever your staff is seated in the office, posters with motivational quotes, whiteboards to brainstorm, and dartboards to take a break can help keep up the spirits of those occupying that space.

Employees should also use motivational wallpapers on their computers to add to the motivation. 

The leaders should also make sure to add a picture with mountains on the wall behind their team members. It will help the employees get the support of their seniors and keep them inspired. 

Bring nature into your office environment.

Nature has its mysterious ways of supporting our success. For example, the green color in plants helps us concentrate better. The cool wind from the East can help us stay calm and stress-free, so we enjoy our work more. And the Sun’s energy helps boost our energy similar to caffeine, so fatigue doesn’t come in the way of our goals.

That’s why you should try adding more plants to your office. Don’t keep them in the South or West regions as they may not get enough Sun. 

You should keep the doors and windows open in the morning to let the cool breeze and the Sun’s warm rays come in and bless you. 

Lastly, you should also try to use natural light instead of artificial ones to light up your office. 

Keep unnecessary things out of sight.

Make sure any documents, stationery, broken electronics, and any sort of clutter is not on your or the employees’ desks or near them. These things, not only spread their negative energy into the environment but they distract you from your work.

Another major distraction at the workplace is our smartphones. It’s true. as they say, that smartphones are getting smarter, but making us humans dumber with every passing day.

Smartphones bring their cancerous radiation to your table. And that with social media apps which can distract you from your important work. So, it’s best to keep your phones in your bags or drawers and that too, on silent mode, so they don’t disturb you. 

Wrapping Up

Those were some tips of Vastu for offices that should help your business and career prosper. By ensuring that every staff member is sitting correctly, as per Vastu, you can make way for better profits, recognition, and growth in your business.

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