What Is the Stand up to Harvard Movement And How You Can Help?


Everybody knows about the Harvard institute of colleges and the line of schools. The brand Harvard is renowned for the high quality of education that the institute provides. It has been at the top ranking for the great academic performance of the institute. In the year 2022, Harvard institute has been ranked in the number one position in the USA among the best global Universities. 

It is the dream of students to get into this institute which is why they try their best to reach the standard of the institute. By taking college essay writing service and other such forms of professional assistance to maintain the quality of their projects. However; there is another side and story of this institute that has been the talk of the town. Since the end of the year 2017. This aspect of the story grew so much that it became a comp0lete of students which this post will highlight in detail.

Harvard Institute:

Basically; Harvard institute comprises the undergraduate Harvard College, 12 graduate and professional schools plus the Harvard Radcliff Institute. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that almost every student from across the world wants to get into Harvard University. Because of its high popularity and reputation across the world. Even many popular celebrities have also attended Ivy League schools like Harvard (PES-admin, 2021) so it has always been at the top list.

Students are enrolled in the institute of Harvard based on their caliber and previous academic scores.  To keep up with the academic scores at this institute students often take help from professionals in the form of law essay help UK-based services, psychology assistance, and help with other course-works depending upon their area of discipline. 

Courses offered at Harvard institute:

The family of Charles Eliot was one of the founders of the Harvard institute. They were concerned about the development of Harvard University and funded a huge sum for its development (Hawkins, 17th May, 2021). Some of the main courses that are offered by the institute of Harvard are as follows;

  • Design & creativity.
  • Arts.
  • Business and its branches.
  • Computer science.
  • Humanities.
  • Education and teaching.
  • Health and medicine.
  • Mathematics.
  • Programming.
  • Social sciences.

What is the Stand up to Harvard movement?

Stand up to Harvard movement is the movement started by the students of the Harvard institute themselves. This movement was against the sanction passed by the Harvard institute in the year 2018. In which women were denied the right to live together unless they allow men to be part of these organizations. Students, as well as, their respective families clearly gave their opinions against the sanction still. It was passed which gave rise to this movement. 

This sanction was a dangerous step because it interfered with students’ rights. Protected by the first and fourteenth amendments of the constitution of the United States and Title ten. The institute had no right to deny the freedom of Canadian and American students, especially when it is a publically-funded institute. All these factors led to the formation of the stand-up to Harvard movement. 

What initiated the Stand up to Harvard movement?

Members of single-sex student organizations were punished by the institute and despite all the protests against the faculty, the sanction was still passed. More than seventy percent of the total student strength was affected by this decision which is why they took a stand against the sanction. 

Why was it important to initiate it?

The following are some of the reasons which explain why it was important to initiate this movement:

  • Students of different fraternities, sororities, and all women, or men’s clubs were denied leadership roles on athletic teams and Harvard organizations.
  • The same-sex club member was denied the right to post-graduate scholarships and fellowship programs.
  • The private organizations that provided space for same-sex students struggled to recruit and maintain membership due to which some of them had to stop their businesses.
  • Students sometimes need a place to be vulnerable and they feel the most comfortable in the company of same-sex. Same-sex students can express themselves which they cannot in the presence of the opposite sex.

How impactful has stand-up to the Harvard movement been?

Obviously; students plus the affected parties didn’t stay silent and stood up for their rights. They fought against the sanction in the following ways;

  • Students spread awareness about the issue and up to 60,000 people signed a petition against the rule.
  • Single-sex organizations of Harvard filed a federal and state lawsuit against the sanction. This lawsuit described how Harvard used a campaign to threaten and scare the students into abandoning their fundamental rights.
  • Similarly; a suit was filed in the Massachusetts court which asserted that Harvard has interfered with students’ right to be free of sex discrimination. 

How can you take part in stand-up to the Harvard movement?

This movement obviously needs all the support because it is the right of the students to choose to live with whomever they feel the most comfortable. Women must be allowed to live with women and the same goes for men. Even if you are not a student of Harvard still; you can take part to support the movement in the following ways;

  • File a petition:

The filing of a petition and presenting it to the court will help to raise the issue in the eyes of the court. The more petitions will be, the more court will be reminded about the issue. Nowadays; there are online petitions as well. So, if you cannot find a legal petition on the paperwork, you can just sign the petition through an online platform.

  • Spread the word:

Spreading the word about the problem always helps. Sometimes all that people need is to be informed about the problem. Once your problem is heard, then people will come together even if this issue is not there. They will raise awareness on different platforms and in different ways.

  • Take part in the campaigns:

You can also help the movement by being part of the different campaigns and events that are held against the passed sanction. Never think that there will be no impact of your presence because every person matters when it comes to supporting such movements.

What is the current status of the stand-up to Harvard movement?

The lawsuits that have been filed by sororities, fraternities, and different organizations have proved to be fruitful. Students can celebrate their victory because they have managed to successfully challenge the sanction imposed by the Harvard Institute and win the case. The case has been settled on undisclosed terms because the disregard for students’ basic freedoms was completely unjustified. 


Being the top-most University in the World does not give you the right to play with the basic rights and freedom of students. If such useless sanctions will be imposed on students of any institute then students will once again stand up to it and challenge the authority because they have all the right to do so. Hopefully; this post will help the readers in getting to know all about the stand-up to Harvard movement and how it impacted students. 


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