Why Shaped Mylar Bags Are Perfect for the Food Industry?

custom shape mylar bags

The packaging industry has been revolutionized over time! From wool, and jute to plastic packaging, it is being tested everywhere in the world. And then finally we understood, it is harmful to us and our environment. 

People find out that plastic packaging can also be produced with good intentions. But it also has some harmful impacts! Therefore, there is an immediate shift towards eco-friendly packaging. In this way, we can play our part in improving our ecology overall. 

Manufacturers started to invest in environment-friendly yet durable plastic packaging. When it comes to sustainable plastic packaging. We are talking about shaped mylar bags! It is considered one of the most remarkable inventions in the packaging sector. 

But do you know what mylar bags are? And how they are a perfect choice to store food items? 

Let’s discuss this in detail!

What Is a Mylar Bag?

Mylar bag is a type of flexible packaging that is manufactured by a company called DuPont. Custom shaped mylar bags are made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. The film is covered with aluminum foil. This flexible packaging looks like a foil film. But it’s different from it. The moisture, sunlight, and oxygen barrier properties make these bags very suitable for storing food items for the long term. 

Reasons To Use Mylar Bags for Storing Food Products

Mylar bags come up with multi-purposes. They are mainly used to store different products. These bags are used in all kinds of industries ranging from electronics to food to cosmetics. However, there is one industry where the hype of mylar packaging is never going to end. It’s the food industry!

When it comes to food and herbal items, shaped mylar Women Shoulder Bags in Pakistan are a revolutionary product. Here we have mentioned a few reasons to give you a better understanding:

  1. Mylar Bags Are Waterproof

One of the biggest concerns of storing food products is preventing them from humidity. To solve this problem, food manufacturers go the extra mile in creating water-resistant packaging. Mylar bags, on the other hand, are impermeable. This makes it easier for food manufacturers to set food products at any place. 

You can store your food items like nuts, and candies in a compact way for a long time. As a result, you can avoid using large containers that take up all the space and still make your food items soggy. 

They Are Weather-resistant

When it comes to storing your food items, they require packaging that is resistant to all kinds of environmental influences. Special shaped mylar bags are extremely temperature, and sunlight resistant. 

Mylar bags have a 5 mil thickness or greater that can even resist 350 degrees Celsius of heat. These bags not only resist your inner content from temperature but also protect it from cold. Therefore, they are highly resistant to temperature, humidity, and microbes. What else do you want as a food manufacturer to keep your food items away from weather influences? 

Act as an Oxygen Barrier

Food items are highly perishable products. They need to be stored in packaging that keeps them fresh and preserved for the long term. Therefore, the food industry is looking for a seamless way to store food products that assure their freshness for an extended period. 

Mylar bags are ideal for keeping food since they prevent oxygen from passing through them. The aluminum sheet of shaped mylar bags is highly resistant to oxygen. This feature of bags prevents your food from sogginess and even bug inversion. Keep your food fresh for a long time, and never forget the name mylar packaging. 

Mylar Bags Are Long-lasting

A mylar bag has a very long shelf life. It is puncture resistant and tear-resistant. Which keeps your food items in good shape during shipping and storage. Some people also reported that these bags can keep your food preserved for up to many years. 

If you appropriately store your food, you can achieve a greater shelf life of products. It gives your products an average of a few years of storage. 

They Are Smell Proof

Some food products have strong smells. If you store them in packaging that doesn’t retain their smell inside it. Then, what’s the purpose of it? Customers don’t put their trust in such brands. You don’t need to fret! Unique shaped mylar bags are smell-proof, they keep the food smell inside the package. And doesn’t allow outer odors to enter the bag. If you present your products on retail shelves in packaging that is smell-proof, it gains their trust. 

Offers Flexibility

Mylar packaging is highly flexible! You can design it the way you want. As you know colors play with human psychology. You can print the bag with colors that leave an ever-lasting impact on buyers. These bags can be featured with labels, and QR codes to give an idea to your customers about your products. 

Customize these bags in any shape, style, and design as per your product’s suitability. They also have enough room for branding purposes. You can imprint your company’s logo, and name which helps you in brand building. 

Highly Affordable

As an entrepreneur, you want to keep your food items stored for a long period without breaking the bank. Shaped mylar bags can serve this purpose well! The material used in the manufacturing of mylar bags is inexpensive which makes them an affordable option. 

Apart from the material, it is easily foldable. This feature of mylar bags can allow you to ship these bags in folded form. As a result, it helps minimize your shipping charges. 

Concluding Remarks!

Mylar bags are used to store food items and keep them preserved for years. They are easily customizable to match the style of your brand. Finding the perfect packaging to store your products can be a tiresome task. For this purpose, you need to look for a reputable packaging supplier that can create this custom packaging with utmost durability. In this regard, Half Price Packaging would be an ideal place for you! 

If you want to pack your food in durable packaging, go and grab a mylar one!

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