Aprima EHR Vs. Aesthetics Pro Online EHR- Which EHR would be best for your practice?


Aprima EHR overview

The CGM Aprima EHR and Practice Management system provides a single tool to boost the effectiveness of your practice. The ability to configure the system to work for each practitioner will simplify processes without compromising the ability to care for patients. CGM APRIMA becomes familiar with a provider’s workflow and foresees treatment strategies.

Aprima Medical Software is a line of health IT products created with the user in mind. EHR, Practice Management, and Revenue Cycle Management are part of the product line. The solution, accessible on Android and iOS platforms, is appropriate for practices of any size.

Healthcare providers may input patient data fast and accurately because of the EHR software’s emphasis on speed and ease of use. In addition, the practice management software from Aprima can be fully linked with the EHR to speed up service further. Aprima EHR is a single application that is built on a single database.

Aprima EHR Software Features

  • Billing Management
  • Clinical Workflow
  • EM Coding
  • Lab Integration
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient History
  • Patient Portal
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Voice Recognition

Aesthetic Pro Online- review

Aesthetic Pro Online is a HIPAA-compliant medical spa platform designed for practices in medical aesthetics, medical spas, LHR facilities, wellness centers, weight-loss clinics, and tattoo removal. Aesthetic Pro Online provides a secure and flexible platform with reliable web-based device compatibility to support users when on the go. No matter how many sites you control, our system uses cutting-edge technology to let you see the performance in real time and make educated decisions.

Aesthetic Pro Online Features

  • Calendar suite
  • Staff management
  • Client management
  • POS suite
  • Merchants services
  • Marketing/CRM suite
  • Accounting suite
  • Client Access
  • E Records
  • Photos
  • Reporting

What aspects of the Aprima EHR are helpful for your practice?

By providing server-based and web-based solutions, Aprima EHR Software gives users a choice between the two, allowing for customizable product plans. A complete program that covers all services is also an option for users, as are the fundamental EMR or PM systems. Users are now able to select the package that is ideal for their practice.

More than 35 specialties, including oncology, neurology, cardiology, nephrology, anesthesia, ophthalmology, and urology, are covered by the Aprima EMR software, which is accredited for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. These incorporate imaging and diagnostic equipment for a seamless EMR experience, specialty-specific templates, and coding.

Programs for practice management are fully linked with Aprima EHR Software. Based on recorded symptoms, diagnosis codes, and desired therapies, Intelligent Navigation delivers clinically significant insights that increase the speed and effectiveness of medical practice.  Thanks to its cutting-edge replication technology, users may work anywhere at any time. In addition, it was made to maximize mobile hardware capabilities, including the smartphone app Aprima Mobile, enabling users to get the most out of tablets, touchscreens, and smartphones.

The Aprima Electronic Health Records software gives new users implementation teams. The team assisted in the transition phase, set up, and trained the practice employees to ensure that business as usual was maintained. After that, the user might contact a support group to continue the practice’s regular operations.

How features of Aesthetic Pro Online can enhance your practice

Aesthetic Pro Online is a user-friendly, safe, and secure solution with several features exclusive to the aesthetics business. One such feature is the one for managing employees. With this function, you may handle your employees’ payroll, timesheets, commissions, and even gratuities. Additionally, the functionality includes a helpful staff calendar that lets you control staff scheduling and eliminate overbooking.

The wholly integrated marketing suite stands out as another advantage. With no additional software or modules required, the suite makes it simple for you to communicate with your clients. Additionally, the marketing suite has an email-inbuilt marketing feature. You can communicate with your clients using this functionality by sending them emails with specific actions. For example, sending email blasts (smartly automated blasts), setting up schedule points, and starting drip campaigns can all assist you in generating more leads. Additionally, the marketing suite offers crucial features that make monitoring your email marketing efforts easier.

Additionally, Aesthetic Pro Online offers reliable Records tools that enable you to keep all your information in safe, HIPAA-compliant formats. The software provides a substantial form library that allows you to efficiently and rapidly handle all client data, including intake and treatment forms. Additionally, the system offers professionally designed arrangements and editing capabilities that guarantee you always have the document you need.

Let’s compare the costs of Aprima EHR and AestheticsPro.

Cost of Aprima EMR:

The vendor offers no-cost plans. Users can speak with the seller to learn more about the price and request a quote. The seller uses this strategy to inform clients about current pricing bundles. A free demo is available for the medical software Aprima, however.

Pricing for AestheticsPro:

Three variants of AestheticsPro online are available: Solo Provider Edition ($125/month), Enterprise Edition ($185/month), and Enterprise Plus Edition ($245).

Final Thought

Regarding the size of their respective customer bases, Aprima and Aesthetics Pro are successful. However, since you are the ones who will be utilizing them, the choice of which EMR software is superior is entirely up to you. You need to assess your work and take everything into account. What financial restrictions does your company face? Which software can you eventually afford? Which software best meets your operational needs? In many operational situations, ranging from straightforward medical offices to residential settings, Aprima EMR software is widely adapted and extensively employed. Aprima efficiently gathers all the structured data information required for its users to view clinically significant discoveries. The Aesthetics Pro Online EMR program helps customers automate routine procedures and business processes. Additionally, it has several capabilities for managing electronic records, scheduling, marketing, and staff and patient administration. Users of the platform can engage with their clients through a very feature-rich application on the platform without risking the protection of their data. 

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