Best Shisha Flavours – What Are the Different Options

best shisha flavours

One brand that constantly comes up in the discussion when we discuss the fundamentals of hookah—is Al Fakher. This brand has been famous in the hookah community for many more years than some of us remember.

Their flavour lineup aims to provide single-note flavours that are both highly realistic and lively. Each of the best shisha flavours is available for a single flavour smoke session, and mixing them makes them even more delicious!

I’m going to list today, in no particular order, the top Al Fakher mixes that you’ve smoked and appreciated.

BLORANGE – Orange/Blueberry

Unless you’re at a breakfast buffet or prefer to eat well, oranges and blueberries aren’t usually served together on a plate. In the culinary and hookah worlds, these flavours are completely contradictory to one another so we connect them to see what would happen.

Simply put, good things happen! Bright citrus notes combine with a sweet blueberry scent to produce the distinct orange-berry flavour known as BLORANGE. It is preferable to have the shisha sitting side by side or layered on top of each other rather than mixing them before loading on this combination.

Grapefruit Mint/Pineapple/Orange – Grapeful Dead & Company

How delicious is Al Fakher’s Grapefruit Mint? It’s incredible! When you’re ready to unwind with some Grapeful Dead & Company, grab a good amount of Grapefruit because it’s the star of this blend.

You can combine your flavours or prepare them separately in your bowl. I like to fill half of my bowl with Grapefruit and the other half with Pineapple and Orange split evenly.

The great thing about this mix is that you can swap out the grapefruit for any of the other flavours for some tasty results.

Lemon/Rose/Jasmine Hookah & Shisha Works

We propose “Hookah & Shisha Works” for those who enjoy fragrant smells that might entice wildlife to join you in a happy song (insert trademark). As you take a stroll while inhaling this blend’s citrus and floral elements after it has finished smoking, you might get brief flashbacks to the candle areas of department stores.

We prefer to arrange the rose in various places around the bowl while using a bigger amount of the mixed Lemon and Jasmine. Use Rose sparingly unless you truly adore ROSE because it can overpower the Jasmine.

Preach Coco – Peach/Vanilla/Coconut

Who placed a peach inside of a coconut? This concoction is how you keep the event or party going and prompt inquiries about your status as THE HOOKAH-MASTER. When a dash of vanilla is added, Al Fakher Peach’s powerful white peach flavour is immediately improved.

Those two shisha flavours would make for a very simple combination, but when you add coconut, your ears erupt! They might not blow up, but they will presumably be perplexed about why the bowl is so nice. You can say, “Preach COCO!” and leave immediately.

Coca-Cola Cherry-Mint Cream Bowl

Did you know there are the best shisha flavours of Cola in the vast world of hookahs? One of their more distinctive flavours is Al Fakher Cola, which is COLA, even if we’re not sure what makes it cola.

This mixture aims to produce a cherry cola combination with a hint of chilled cream. We don’t want to use too much because the mint cream is already extremely sweet and could overshadow the bowl if we do.

Sprinkle the Cherry flavour directly on top of some of your Cola shisha flavours before blending them. If you’ve never tried Cola by Al Fakher, try adding more to your mix than cherry; once you taste the Cola, you can experiment with the portions.

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