Kids Hoverboard- Recommendation for small

Hoverboards for Children

Small children like it bright and colorful: The Hoverboard confirms these criteria. LEDs are installed on the tread, on the mudguards of the tires and the e-board is also available in different color variations. Good for the parents: At around 170 pound , it is the cheapest and at 8 kilos the lightest model in our hoverboards for children in the test comparison.  

Buying advice for hoverboards for children | the most important criteria when buying

This is what adults should pay attention to when buying a hoverboard for their children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren. After all, in addition to driving pleasure, safety is also important.

  • Road Legal: For both children and adults, hoverboards are not road legal. This means that they may only be driven in private areas, such as inner courtyards or gardens.
  • Speed: Depending on the model, hoverboards can reach speeds of between 15 and 30 km/h. With hoverboards for children, an app function that can be used to adjust the speed is helpful. Then drive z. B. particularly small children only up to 10 km / h and parents minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Battery & range: Children in particular are quickly disappointed when the driving fun ends after just a few minutes. Therefore, when buying a hoverboard for children, care should be taken to ensure that the battery and the range are good. If you choose a model with a quality battery, you also guarantee a long service life for the electric board.

Recommended Age & Weight Limit   

Weight plays a dual role in children’s hoverboards. On the one hand, the hoverboard must not be too heavy, so that youngsters can also carry it without any problems when the battery is empty – some models have a carrying bag included in the scope of delivery. On the other hand, the payload weight is important, i.e. how heavy drivers can be for the hoverboard to work properly. The necessary minimum weight is particularly relevant for children so that the sensors work properly and help with balancing. Our hoverboards for children are designed for a minimum weight of between 20 and 30 kilos. 20 kilos corresponds to about 4 to 5-year-old children. If drivers are lighter than the minimum specified, this increases the risk of an accident.

Hoverboard |Protective gear 

Riding a hoverboard requires a good sense of balance. After all, the e-boards have no handlebars that could provide additional stabilization. Bending forwards or backward accelerates, brakes, or slows down and the weight on one of the two legs steers to the left or right. Due to the danger of falling, children should always wear protective clothing. This includes a helmet, knee, elbow, and hand protectors.

  • Tires: The larger the tires, the easier it is for riders to negotiate rougher terrain. In our Hoverboards for Kids test comparison, we recommend two models with 6.5-inch tires and two models with 8.5 inches. The latter are well suited for off-road routes. This can be the grassy area of your own garden, for example.
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