Pros and Cons of a Smart TV for Kids

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People see television as if they are viewing something live, or as if something is occurring right in front of their eyes. It is the most popular source of public amusement and news. It is a widely used telecommunication and entertainment medium.

Television did not always look like it does now. Slowly, modifications and advancements occurred, culminating in the invention of full-fledged electronic television in 1940. CRT televisions were the name for such types of television. Today there are many smart televisions on the market, and many people know the best 4k tvs in India are gaining a lot of popularity.

As a result, televisions can be found in almost every home in India, both in cities and in the countryside. The development of television has altered human lifestyles and made possible many things that humans could not have imagined before its inception.

Is it permissible for the child to watch television? Well, we live in a fast-paced society where many mothers struggle to find enough time to spend with their children! Television is a terrific way for busy mums to get their misbehaving kids to relax in one area! Although it is not a healthy habit, watching television offers certain advantages also for children.

Pros of kids watching TV

Kids have a wide knowledge of the latest technologies and know what a smart TV is and how to operate it. Let us see what are the pros :

  • Enjoyment and entertainment:

Even for children, television is an excellent source of amusement and relaxation. The children’s daily schedule consists of eating, playing, sleeping, crying, and so on. Children may now enjoy a new type of amusement by watching television. For example, children’s educational programs, cartoons, and so on. If you’ve tried everything else and still can’t get your child to settle down, put him or her in front of the television to watch a favorite show.

  • Education and exposure:

Everything is brought home to you via television! Many parents believe that by utilizing multiple programs, they can educate and expose their children to a variety of topics. The TV screen displays a rainbow of colors, people from many cultures, animals, birds, and places, among other things.

  • Personality development

There are several activities, sporting events, and full-fledged discussions that enhance the nature of students and youngsters. People will only learn new things and methods by watching television.

  • Increased motivation

Several programs, such as quiz competitions, general knowledge, awareness, and educational shows, are being introduced on various channels daily in which individuals and students may participate. People are inspired and motivated by their actions, and they want to emulate them in real life. Finally, it has an impact on their personality and professional growth.

Cons of kids watching TV

  • Delay in Speech of kid

The main downside of children viewing television is that their speech is delayed. Language could not be picked up quickly by children watching television! While many things impact language development and speaking, from hereditary factors to lack of attention and dialogue with children, viewing television is one of the most significant.

Furthermore, there is a hidden cause for the delayed speech that occurs when watching television. When you and your child watch television together, you have less or no interaction.

  • Addiction and a lack of interest in other things:

Your child will become addicted to television if he or she watches it for several hours each day. Even the elderly become glued to television shows. When you’re hooked on anything, it’s evident that you can’t focus on other crucial things. For example, if you are addicted to a certain television show, you will ignore all other important factors, even eating! Your children are not special in any way. It becomes quite tough to get your child to focus on anything else.

  • Insufficient physical activity:

Although watching TV is a kind of enjoyment for children, it does not need any physical exertion. The youngsters may sit or lie down for many hours a day watching TV, which has an influence on their growth and makes them sluggish! In a few years, your child will be on a potato couch if this behavior continues. A lack of physical activity leads to obesity.

  • Affects mental development:

If you let your child watch TV all the time, you can truly create a smart and bright child. Up to the age of five, a child’s creative intellect and thinking will be at their best. Their interacting time is taken up by watching television, which influences their brain development!

Although there is no clear link between watching television and a kid’s mental development, you may involve your child in creative activities instead of watching television, which will help them bring out their latent intelligence, spice up their knowledge and make them more creative.


Consider the drawbacks of allowing your children to watch television. Your child will not be harmed by watching TV for one or two hours at a time. In addition to understanding the latest technologies, kids are aware of what a smart TV is. Considering both the usability of television and its features, its benefits and drawbacks, we have concluded that television is a helpful creation. You can go with Bajaj Finserv to know about which TV is best in India and available online to provide you a better experience.

There should be a balance in usage, and we should be more cautious of undesired and unsuitable applications, especially for youngsters and children. Anything may be hazardous if used in excess and improperly.

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