Questions to ask your stylist before getting deep wave hair extensions


It’s a human tendency to experiment with your looks, so here are some points to keep in mind while getting a deep wave wig or hair extensions.  

Why Get Deep Wave Hair? 

Having gorgeous hair is a huge confidence boost, and who wouldn’t want that every day? Deep wavy hair looks beautiful and goes along with every outfit. Women looking for a glamorous hair change should opt for deep wave hair and extensions.  

Wear a natural looking deep wave hairstyle.

What Is The Process For Applying For Extensions?

Most hair extensions in the market are fusion extensions that are applied using either the hot or cold method. The cold method uses a PVC ring insulated with silicone that is squeezed shut to attach the extension, whereas the hot method uses a keratin bond. Your stylist may recommend one over the other or even suggest the taping method depending on your hair type. 

613 deep wave wig is another option. While they are faster and easier to apply and can also be reused, there is a considerable margin for error. No matter which method you opt for, you will look highly alluring after getting it done. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get Hair Extensions? 

The cost of getting hair extensions varies based on the service you opt for. The basic volume plan that only adds volume costs about $350. If you desire to get full-on lackluster voluminous, beautiful lengthy hair, then it will cost you about $3000. These prices fluctuate depending on different service selections and salons and go up accordingly. You can get offers on other extensions depending on their colors and customization. 

How Long Do Extensions Last?

The retention depends on the type of extensions you have. Fusion extensions mostly last for about 3-4 months; Tape-in extensions last for about 4-8 weeks. This is also influenced by the frequency with which you wash your hair, and comb it, the length of your hair, how fast it grows, and so on. So it’s up to you how you maintain your hair and retain the beauty of your extension. 

What Will The Color Be Like?

Depending upon your choices, you can style your hair beautifully and experience some new looks. The color of your human hair extension must match your natural hair, as a shade too dark or too light would be exposed. Hair extensions can also add highlights or other funky colors without using chemicals. Be sure to talk to your stylist and devise a plan to make your look stunning.  

Does It Damage The Hair? 

Deep wave hair extensions are an excellent way to minimize chemical exposure, but heat affects your hair like any other hair treatment. Fusion extensions, when done by hair experts, result in the least amount of damage. 

Does It Require Special Care?

There is no exact science when it comes to hair extensions. After getting extensions, your hairstylist may recommend certain products depending on your hair concerns. Other than a bit of caution while untangling your hair, there is no need for an extraordinary hair care routine. But it would be best if you kept checking on it daily because it requires a little care. 

Can You Still Comb And Style Your Hair Normally?

Yes, you can comb and style your hair as you usually do. Deep wave hair looks beautiful almost every day. All you need is a little care while combining, and you can style it any way you desire. A deep wave frontal could work best for you if you have such concerns.  

Comb and style your hair to look stylish

Will The Extensions Be Prominently Visible?

A good hair stylist will skillfully match your hair color to the extensions and give them a seamless look. The extensions are only prominently visible if your stylist lacks the necessary skills. Most stylists recommend you get your deep wave sew in, as it gives a smooth and natural look.

How Often Does It Need Maintenance Or Replacement?

Determined by your hair length, texture, how fast it grows, hair extension type, and hair treatments, your stylist decides the best course of action regarding maintenance for your fabulous locks. 

If you want to include your deep wave hair extensions in your lifestyle, different salons will charge you differently, but as a reference, it may cost you about $250 for three months (once-a-month maintenance) or $750 for three months (once-a-week maintenance).

Can You Still Bleach Or Dye Your Hair After An Extension? 

You can dye your hair any color before the extensions are attached. Once the bond is made, it’s too risky as the dye can damage keratin bonds and ruin everything. Ask an expert before you change the color of your extensions to decide on the best course of action.  

What About The Removal Process Of Hair Extension? 

Removal of hair extensions is a long and tedious process. Extension bonds can damage your natural hair when done in a hurry and carelessly removed. Therefore, the foremost thing to keep in mind for removal is to make sure that the process is being performed by a licensed, trained, and patient technician.


Make sure you ask your stylist these questions before installing deep wave hair extensions. Deciding on the salon is also a crucial part. Choose the one who can get you the best quality deep wave wig or extensions. Also, ensure they have professional hair stylists with relevant experience or training. To save time, you can visit Indique Hair Salon which delivers high-quality wigs and extensions. Professionals here will give your extensions a natural and seamless look.

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