Unique cake ideas for celebrations

birthday cakes

Having a sweet tooth means that there are high chances that one will look for cakes so that they can meet their sudden sweet cravings. And these days it has become even easier with online cake sites around. One can just order their favourite cakes anytime and enjoy them sitting at home.

Even if one does not want to bake a cake for their loved one’s birthday, they can easily go for birthday cakes online delivery. The options are never-ending in these sites and one can even customize a cake when ordering.

Cakes to go for

A lot of people get confused when it comes to ordering birthday cakes. This happens more because of endless varieties of cakes that are available these days and one is spoilt for choices. But to make things easier – here are some popular choices that one can go for.

Photo cakes

Photos are the keeper of memories. They hold happiness and love with near and dear ones and if one wants to celebrate a special day of special someone – then they can always order a photo cake. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, a cake with a photo collage can make things unique. There are many ways to decorate a photo cake. With this cake, one can not only celebrate the day but also celebrate the memories they had together.

Chocolate cakes

This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to birthday cakes and they can never go wrong. One who has a sweet tooth mostly love chocolates. When it comes to chocolate cakes there are plenty of options to choose from. There are plain chocolate cakes, dark chocolate cakes, truffle cakes, Ferrero Rocher cakes and many more. And most of them are popular among both kids and adults.

Designer cakes

For those who are picky about cakes – this can be the best choice for them. If one knows their favourite designs and flavours then they can order it online to someone who is an expert in making designer cakes. They will be pleasantly surprised to get a cake like this on their birthdays. There are many creative ideas that one can think of and order a cake.

Number and Alphabet cakes

If one is reaching a milestone and wants to celebrate that then this cake can be a great choice. Reaching 50th anniversary or a success party means one needs to celebrate it with a number cake. One can also go for these cakes during birthdays when one turns 18 or 75 which are significant numbers in life. These cakes can be of any flavour and one can use fresh fruits to make the icings.

Half cakes

For those who are into small parties and celebrations with family – a half cake makes sense. This cake can be sufficient if the party has people not more than 10. The best part is the side-view of this cake looks like a full cake and there are lesser chances of wastage.

For cake delivery, the online sites try to deliver at one’s doorstep and one does not have to take much hassle. 

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