How to select the correct account aggregator for your business

    Think about a scenario where you need a modest loan, but banks and other financial organizations are unwilling to provide you with one since you don’t have a credit history. Consider a financial app that verifies your on-time bill payments and bases your loan on that. TheĀ account aggregators rbi, a new financial data-sharing system that the government just disclosed, have the potential to significantly alter the nation’s economic data-sharing system in terms of investment and credit. Below listed are the tips for choosing the right account aggregator for your business:

    How does the account aggregator system work?

    Users can reduce turnaround time and go paperless with the help of account aggregators. The execution of a transaction like an investment in a mutual fund is aided by a specific authorization to the account aggregator to share information from your bank accounts with an asset management company. 

    The AA network enables senders to communicate bank statements from savings, deposits, and current accounts that are encrypted and only the recipient can decipher. Consumers will eventually access all financial data, including tax, pension, securities mutual funds and brokerage, and insurance data.


    You typically have to pay two costs to obtain bank statements: a) bank statement access fees and b) consent management/control dashboard fees. Most firms access a significant share of their customers’ bank statements hence the number of requests will be substantial. As a result, check to see that your account aggregator RBI prices are reasonable. Your AA experience is ready to transform into a seamless integration experience at a reasonable price point and best-in-class service quality.

    Support for other AA:

    Ensure that your AA provides compatible solutions and that consumers who have already registered with one AA are not being requested to do so again. Your conversion rates will drop, and the consumer experience will be hampered.

    Consider the following scenario: You and account aggregator X are working together for your lending business, and you have a client who previously shared bank statements with another AA, let’s call account aggregator Y. To avoid making the consumer go through all the steps again, ensure you only ask them to log in and give their consent.

    Value-added service:

    The business case for getting the raw bank statement in XML format might fail to be successful. The entire IT stack is required to read such bank statements and derives valuable information from them. Therefore, be sure to find all the solutions in one place. Anumati provides a security to your data.  

    Integration timeliness:

    Select an aggregator to ensure your integration goes smoothly and on time. The onboarding of several financial institutions under account aggregator RBI is experience. 

    Bottom line:

    Account Aggregators allow you to swiftly obtain financial data about your customer by centralizing all the data and providing a single digital framework to exchange it in real time. Those mentioned above are theĀ essential tip to select account aggregator. There is top-notch service with lifetime support to our flexible working environment and extensive experience in offering high-quality tech frameworks at competitive prices.

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