Athena EMR Vs Centricity EMR: Which One Will You Choose?

Athena EMR
Athena EMR

The fast growth of electronic medical record (EMR) systems may make it increasingly challenging to keep traditional clinical practices that employ old-fashioned medical techniques. If you want to grow and be a leader in your field, you must be open to embracing new technology. It is critical in today’s medical industry to select and implement a flexible, user-friendly, and efficient strategy.  

This article will assist you in deciding between Athena EMR and Centricity EMR. It compares the two in great detail. To choose an EMR platform ideal for you and your healthcare providers, we propose you set your clinical goals. 

Athena EMR 

athenahealth is a national leader in providing cloud-based and on-premise healthcare solutions. It assists physician groups and health systems. The aim is to build a healthy ecosystem to provide accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare to all. The software achieves this purpose by offering the following features: 

  • revenue cycle, 
  • medical record,  
  • patient engagement, and 
  • care coordination solutions. 

Athena EMR enables companies to generate valuable insights that make a difference for their customers. It leverages current technology in an open, connected environment. That is backed by skilled service and support teams. 

athenahealth is a clinical and financial cloud-based solution for healthcare providers and companies. It integrates digital services to reduce administrative hassles while increasing therapeutic efficiency. Physician processes that are more efficient encourage a focus on patient-centered treatment. 

Athena EMR Features 

Revenue Cycle Services  

Whether you manage a small, independent practice or a large, complex healthcare organization, Athenahealth has the technology to enhance your revenue cycle. athenaHealth is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based and hosted products and services. It can assist you in increasing the efficiency of your practice. As the system offers excellent patient registration through performance reporting. The solutions and services scale to meet your demands. As you develop, consolidate, and adapt, it assists you in achieving your goals along the way. 

Patient Engagement  

Athena software incorporates patient engagement technologies. It allows you to manage your patient group with less time and effort. The ‘athenaCommunicator’ provides resources to patients to actively manage their clinical and health information. It also gives your patients a convenient way to keep and access their healthcare information. It provides a secure online environment for its customers. The customers may perform duties like reading test findings and communicating with their care team. 

Electronic Health Record Management   

With the health of EHR management tools, you can save time and focus on clinical activities. You may directly collaborate with other physicians on patient care plans within the patient chart. Partnerships between Athena and ‘Carequality’, and ‘CommonWell’ promote convenient patient record interchange. Pre-encounter planning and customizable processes allow for more efficient and accurate recordkeeping. 

Athena EMR Pricing 

The Athena software believes in supplying customers with customizable billing solutions. It assists medical health businesses of all sizes. The software aids in extending the functionality across their organization. Contacting the sales team may acquire a quotation for Athena pricing details. 

You may also request an Athena EMR demo before signing up if you want to view Athena from other perspectives. Sharing information with customer support allows you to request an Athena EHR demo. 

Athena EMR Reviews 

Users and critics alike have lauded Athena EMR’s user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities. This is clear from the Athena EMR Reviews. Many patients find EMR systems to be daunting, therefore the system’s simplicity of use may make it more accessible. This strategy can also be combined with other ways. Many delighted clients have commended Athena EMR’s secure billing solution. 

Centricity EMR 

Centricity EMR is GE Healthcare’s electronic medical records software. The software suite assists physicians in managing patient care and improving clinical results. Centricity EMR incorporates all clinical decision assistance, medication management, and order input. 

Centricity is an ambulatory medical practice solution. It attempts to improve quality treatment and better patient outcomes. As it provides individualized healthcare to each patient’s requirements. 

It is used by several ambulatory clinics to streamline day-to-day operations and enhance income. Athena EMR software supports the following disciplines: 

  • cardiology, 
  • neurology, 
  • intensive care unit, 
  • cancer, and 
  • electrophysiology. 

Centricity EMR Features 

Patient Portal  

The patient portal is accessible to both patients and clinicians for remote contact. Patients may use the interface to schedule appointments and pay bills. While doctors can record internal notes and issue patient cautions. 

ePrescription Tool  

The software allows physicians to send refill requests to pharmacies according to the patient’s diagnosis and current prescription. While screening for possible drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions. Reduces the chance of drug errors and allows for medication monitoring. 

Billing Solution  

Centricity EMR assists its customers with invoicing and payments. The system automatically sends the invoices and payment reminders to patients. Before submission, claims are reviewed for coding errors. The software is leading in higher first-time acceptance rates and faster payment. 

Centricity EMR Pricing  

Implementation, installation, maintenance, and continuing support all include one-time expenses. The vendor, like the majority of market-leading EMRs, does not give pricing information. Contact the sales team to inquire about Centricity EMR pricing. 

You can schedule a Centricity EMR demo before buying the product. The demonstration is critical since it influences your final decision. Several Centricity EHR functions will be demonstrated during the session. 

Centricity EMR Reviews 

The Centricity software is simple to use and allows users to produce reports to monitor account cycles easily. According to Centricity EMR evaluations, this software makes it simple to keep track of patient information. Rejections may be easily managed by users. Centricity EMR is praised by users for its capacity to automate scheduling and patient tracking. Additionally, with outreach assistance and automatic scheduling. Customers regard e-prescribing, the flexibility to utilize it in different places, and other benefits highly. 

Athena EMR Vs. Centricity EMR — Final Thoughts 

Customers may employ Centricity EMR or Athena medical software to; 

  • optimize procedures, 
  • reduce administrative burdens, and 
  • improve physician-patient communication. 

Additionally, Athena EMR allows for a broader range of tools. In terms of price, each option allows you to adapt a plan to your organization’s size and demands. 

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