Choose the ideal EHR for your practice from 1st Providers Choice or CounSol.


Every healthcare professional nowadays must use an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) system. In this article, CounSol EHR and First Providers Choice EHR are compared. There are specific needs for each of these healthcare systems. Picking an electronic medical record system must therefore strike a balance between organizational and clinical factors.

1st providers choice EHR and Counselor EHR- an overview

The 1st Providers Choice is a cloud-based server-based EHR that complies with HIPAA regulations and is created primarily as an ambulatory EHR. The Electronic Health Records & Practice Management Software offered by 1st Providers Choice is tailored to help medical practices enhance patient care, lower risks, lower costs, and boost revenue. This feature-rich system is suitable for any size practice, from a small solo practice to a big multi-provider/multi-location group, and enables you to create and maintain patient billing information and Electronic Health Records more quickly and effectively than ever before.

CounSol is a complete and effective practice management tool that enhances how mental health service and program providers carry out their duties, interact and engage with their patients, and organize their business operations. For example, many mental health sector professionals, such as psychologists, counselors, therapists, and solo practitioners, use CounSol to effectively schedule appointments, manage invoices and payments, and provide a self-service web portal for their patients or clients.

How can features of 1st Providers Choice enhance your practice?

Automated scheduling, insurance claim verification, reporting/analytics, e-prescribing (e-Rx), appointment & billing administration, etc., are some of the key characteristics of EHR. In addition, users of the 1st Providers Choice EHR have instant access to documents such as progress notes and healthcare plans.

A patient portal allows outside users to manage appointments and payments, and healthcare professionals can view progress reports and dynamically alter care plans and other documentation. According to 1st Providers Choice EMR Reviews, the software’s EHR functionalities assist users in increasing the accuracy of their documentation, coding support, notes creation, multiple record creation, account receivable management, claims to scrub, HIPAA-compliant document communication, and appointment scheduling abilities. The software also has alternatives for improving daily operations and boosting web- and server-based productivity.

The software includes specialty-specific templates for a prescription (e-Rx), check-in/check-out kiosks, reminder systems, specialty-specific CPT and ICD codes, and patient healthcare portals. It is constructed to meet the requirements of particular activities by current industry standards.

It provides templates for a wide range of specialties, including cardiology, dermatology, bariatric, anesthesia, family practice, chiropractic, internal medicine, endocrinology, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, pain management, urgent care, psychiatry, podiatry, urology, rheumatology, OB-GYN, pediatrics, physical therapy, speech therapy, sleeps medicine, and vascular.

The HIPAA-compliant 1st Providers Choice package can be utilized in inpatient and outpatient processes. Users of the 1st Providers Choice EHR Software can access online documentation, live chat, and on-site training through the official system. Webinars and virtual events are also open to current users. Both desktop computers and mobile phones running Android and iOS can use the suite. An entirely web-based EHR system is 1st Providers Choice.

See if the CounSol features can help your business.

The key advantages of CounSol include its ease of use as a practice management tool, convenient access to patient or client information, ease of appointment scheduling, and ability to conduct quick and legal financial processes. The fact that CounSol is a practice management technology solution that is simple to use by any practitioner in the mental health business is one of its significant benefits. Regardless of technological proficiency, psychologists, counselors, therapists, and solo practitioners can intuitively use this software.

With the use of CounSol, mental health practitioners can interact with their patients or clients in the most effective way possible. All patient or client information is safely and securely stored in a centralized database by the software. As a result, users may easily access the data they require as they manage their connections and engagements with their patients or clients, including prior visit records, scheduled appointments, and payment details.

A simple approach for arranging appointments is practice management software. It enables users to quickly and easily designate the days and times they are available for an appointment, displays their online availability schedules, and checks to see if patients or clients can arrange visits based on the schedules given. In addition, the program is used to complete all of these scheduling duties. In other words, they no longer need to create, publish, and communicate with clients via various technologies and channels to confirm planned appointments.

CounSol eliminates the difficulties associated with managing the financial operations of the mental health sector, including the production and distribution of invoices and bills and the administration of health insurance claims. Along with speeding up these procedures, the software ensures that users may adhere to rules and guidelines in their field of work and profession, enabling them to pass auditing procedures.

What are the pros and cons of EHR? 1st providers choice EHR vs. CounSol EHR

1st providers choice EHR pros and cons


  • The ease of use of 1st-providers-choice, which includes scheduling and provider notes, makes it a good alternative for clinics with various locations and for whom a decent program is required.
  • Overall, it is user-friendly and functional.


  • The complaint includes several well-designed questionnaires that are simple for staff to use and enable the healthcare professional to assess the issues rapidly.

CounSol EHR Pros and Cons


  • From computerized intake forms to client portals to encrypted messaging, CounSol EHR has it all. In addition, it offers customers the option of self-scheduling and sends email or text reminders for appointments.
  • Users appreciate my go-to guy representative and the excellent customer support team.


  • The patient profile is not automatically updated.
  • It takes numerous clicks to complete an action.

Which EHR to go with? 1st providers choice EHR Vs. CounSol EHR

For medical practices and enterprises of all sizes and all types, 1st Providers Choice software is a practical option. Family medicine, dermatology, ambulatory care, cardiology, anesthesiology, and other fields can benefit. Allergy & Bay Area Pediatrics, Grand Island Foot Clinic, and other renowned businesses are among the software’s famous customers. You must access 1st Providers Choice from your computer rather than a mobile device.

CounSol is a reasonably priced practice management application that enhances business operations for solitary practitioners. In addition, the app includes several EMR technologies, including client notes, insurance claims, and billing. As a result, an app is an excellent option for therapists searching for a low-cost and user-friendly solution. 

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