Modernizing Medicine EMR – #1 Choice For Solo and Small Practices


Modernizing Medicine EMR is a great choice for any physician who is looking for an easy-to-use system that integrates well with all of their devices. This system is easy to learn, has a user-friendly interface, and is very mobile-first. It is also rated the #1 choice for solo and small practices.

It’s easy to learn

Modernizing Medicine has become a leading specialty-specific health information technology (HIT) company. It serves the ophthalmic, dermatology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, allergy and immunology, plastic surgery, medical billing and practice management communities. The company provides healthcare practitioners with an integrated suite of IT solutions, which include an Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA).

The EMA is an intelligent EMR system that uses a number of features to streamline clinical documentation. Its user-friendly interface and provider-centric adaptive learning engine allow it to adjust to your practice’s workflows. The platform also generates billable claims and pathology requisitions.

The EMA is a top-tier health IT solution that makes it easy for clinicians to deliver the best care possible. Its intelligent features enable physicians to quickly and efficiently document and process routine visits, as well as unusual ones. It even includes a comprehensive charting tool for Dermatology.

Modernizing Medicine has made a name for itself by being mobile-first, with an innovative approach to patient engagement. It offers business operations services, concierge coaching, and a variety of tools to increase productivity and patient satisfaction. Its EHR is ranked among the best in the industry.

The EMA’s other notable features include a virtual exam room, a touch-based interface, and compatibility with a number of practice management systems. It also includes a mobile app for iOS devices, which allows doctors to take photos and sign consent forms for patients. The company’s EMA is designed to be scalable to a wide range of practice sizes and specialties.

It’s no secret that the federal government’s goal is to make EHR more accessible. With that in mind, they offered physicians a grant of $30,000 for the purchase of an EHR.

It’s user friendly

Modernizing Medicine is a health information technology company with solutions that improve the way physicians and practices work. They provide solutions such as EMR and practice management, patient engagement tools, and billing and payment processing services. The company also offers a variety of advisory services.

With a focus on specialty practices, Modernizing Medicine provides a comprehensive set of solutions that are designed to make the job of doctors, nurses, and practice administrators easier. The software is user-friendly and enables practices to be more efficient. This includes features such as a patient portal, an Apple Watch app, and automated appointment reminders.

Modernizing Medicine was started in 2010, and since then the company has increased its staff by nearly three-fold. The company has entered into numerous partnerships with other vendors, enabling it to grow its business quickly and widely. It is currently ranked 47 on Forbes’ annual list of America’s Most Promising Companies.

One of the most impressive aspects of Modernizing Medicine is its ability to offer a wide range of products and services. Its flagship solution is the Electronic Medical Assistant, a cloud-based, specialty-specific EHR/EHR system.

The Electronic Medical Assistant also provides an adaptive learning engine, touch-based interface support, and compatibility with various practice management solutions. This makes it ideal for small to midsize practices. The mobile dedicated app for iOS devices is a nifty way to manage ophthalmic workflow.

The EMA’s patient portal is a great example of a modernizing medicine’s ability to improve patient engagement. It allows users to check a patient’s eligibility prior to their first appointment and provides recommendations from the provider. The platform can also offer a schedule for the day and details about follow-up care.

It’s mobile first

Modernizing Medicine is an electronic health record (EHR) system provider that uses cloud, mobile, and touch technologies to improve healthcare information and drive better patient outcomes. The company provides a specialty-specific suite of solutions including EMA, an intelligent EHR system, along with Practice Management, Medical Billing, and Analytics tools.

Modernizing Medicine’s flagship product, the Electronic Medical Assistant(r), is a web-based, cloud-based, and iPad-based solution that is available to doctors and other medical professionals in a variety of specialties. The EMA is used by more than 4,000 providers in more than 800 medical practices nationwide.

The EMA helps specialty-physicians to easily code exam notes and generate bills. It also functions as a front-end interface for enterprise systems. It includes a large library of built-in medical content, and can be used by physicians on either a PC or Mac.

The EMA offers a number of features that help streamline workflows and make ICD-10 coding easier. It also offers benchmarking reports that document healthcare providers’ performance in near real-time.

The company recently announced that it has received ONC HIT 2014 Edition Modular EHR certification. This certification indicates that the EMA meets the EHR software requirements for Meaningful Use.

Modernizing Medicine also has received several accolades for its EMA system. These include a User Experience Design Award, a SaaS Award, and a special mention. The solution has also been recognized by Black Book Research, as well as other organizations.

Modernizing Medicine is a leading health information technology company, which uses an unbiased research approach to develop and support their solution. They are an industry leader in the area of specialty-specific EHRs.

In recent years, mobile devices have been a crucial part of the healthcare industry. The technology enables physicians to document patient records via tablets, making workflow more flexible and improving patient engagement.

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It’s rated #1 for solo/single practice

For solo practitioners looking to upgrade their EMR, Modernizing Medicine is one option. The company’s practice management software offers an iPad-based EMR that supports quality reporting and outcome-based reimbursement. It also provides excellent customer support.

Another option is CureMD, which is a cloud-based EMR that is easy to use and secure. It also has a patient portal, which helps patients get access to their records and communicate with their care providers. It’s also MACRA/MIPS certified, which means it meets government requirements. This EMR is designed to streamline clinical tasks, such as scheduling, billing, and patient interaction. It’s user-friendly and simple, and has a lot of features to help solo practitioners.

Another great option is Kareo, which is perfect for doctors who are not tech savvy. It is very intuitive and has a dashboard that allows you to see everything you need in real time. It also has an integrated patient portal that allows you to order referrals and lab tests. The company has excellent customer service and an intuitive dashboard, which is essential for solo practitioners.

Another option is PrognoCIS, which offers a comprehensive solution designed specifically for solo practices. It integrates with popular practice management software and offers a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy for you to manage your practice. Its patient portal also gives your patients a voice in the healthcare process. It’s a good option if you want to improve your practice’s efficiency, and it’s affordable. This EMR for solo practitioners is a great choice, but it’s important to make sure you find a system that fits your specific needs.

With the right EMR for your solo practice, you can help streamline your practice, while also providing better care for your patients. It’s also important to consider the price, ease of use, and how easily you can access your patients’ records.

It’s about analytics

One of the most important aspects of an EMR is data collection and analysis. The ability to view and process a comprehensive set of patient data and claims information will help clinicians make better decisions about their patients’ care and improve overall clinical outcomes.

This is made easier by using an intelligent EMR system, like the ones offered by Modernizing Medicine. They boast a library of built-in medical content that covers a range of clinical areas, including dermatology, gastroenterology, urology, otolaryngology and pain management. These systems can also be utilized to help conduct population health research, MIPS measures, and other population health activities. The software also includes a sophisticated EMA (electronic medical assistant) that can effortlessly code exam notes and billing. This product also makes the requisite ICD-10 coding a breeze.

Modernizing Medicine is a ten year old company that serves more than 1,300 physician practices across the United States. The company has an impressive 93% client satisfaction rate. This statistic, along with its many other perks, are helping to propel the company forward as it works to improve the health and well-being of patients around the country. As a company that specializes in the health and medical industries, they are uniquely positioned to provide solutions for a variety of users, from small practices to large hospitals. Whether it’s a complete set of clinical and financial data, or just the latest in patient-driven information, Modernizing Medicine is here to help physicians deliver on the promise of better health. For more information, check out their website. They also offer analytics solutions that bring together and analyze the most relevant health and financial information in order to help physicians make informed decisions about their patients’ care.

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