5 Ways Policy Makers Can Improve the Quality of Education

5 Ways Policy Makers Can Improve the Quality of Education
5 Ways Policy Makers Can Improve the Quality of Education

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Maimonides

Nothing in this world is equivalent to education. Quality of Education is a light that gives you direction and freedom to live. Now; the real question is what is education? Is it the one that is taught in the educational institutes or the one that you learn through daily life struggles? Well! The combination of both forms of education is important but the former version of education is a must to be able to live the latter version.

Nowadays, students can take education in any subject of their interest because education institutes are teaching almost everything. Students interested in Cryptocurrency Thesis Topics get to learn about it through the discipline of IT and those interested in administration get to educate themselves through the business discipline. However; the quality of education still has a long way to go and this post highlights the points that can improve the quality of education.

Need to improve the quality of education:

Every academic institution, be it high school or university, has different means of evaluating the student’s skills. Through this, they can assess the student’s ability as to how much they have comprehended from the classes and other intellectual sessions (bestassignmentwriters, 2022). However; have you ever wondered what factors make people feel like it’s time to upgrade the education sector or the quality of education? Well; there can be many reasons for the need to uplift the education quality. The following are some of the main ones;

  • To create innovative minds.
  • To come up with advanced technologies.
  • For more job opportunities.
  • For better outcomes from various industries.
  • For sustainable livelihood.
  • To build resilience and patience among different communities.

It is the quest of a man for more that makes him superior to other living beings. This quest can be seen through dissertation works like Microbiology Dissertation Topics, or various dissertations being carried out in different disciplines.

Who are the policymakers in the education sector?

The policymakers in the education sector are not limited to one or two factors. There are multiple elements that shape any education sector. These policymakers include;

  • Teachers.
  • Parents.
  • Contributors/investors.
  • Administrators.
  • School board members.
  • Members of the government.

The role of these policymakers might vary from deciding the size of an educational institute to coming up with a curriculum for a particular grade. Teacher pay, teaching methods, moral values, and all other such factors are counted as the duties of policymakers.

5 ways policymakers can improve the quality of education:

There are different factors that contribute to the quality of education. However; the five basic factors that are dependent upon the effort of policymakers who can really improve the quality of education are as follows;

1.     Education Funds:

A survey has been done; according to which, more spending on education results in better student outcomes. When different private and government institutes invest in education departments; it improves the teaching standards and learning methods. This helps the teachers in putting their lectures across in easier ways and assists students in understanding the topic in better ways. Besides that; educational institutes must spend the funding only wisely according to the requirements of the institutes.

2.     Improved teaching methods:

The bond that exists between a teacher and a student cannot be witnessed anywhere else. A student feels most comfortable when he manages to form a connection with his teacher. This support and connection are very important for the teacher to be able to deliver the lecture and for the student to understand it. 

In addition to that; the teaching methods must improve with time. The same old clichéd methods can make the lecture boring. However; giving the lecture with the use of advanced technology will keep the students’ interest in their studies.

3.     Parental involvement:

Another policymaker is parental involvement in a child’s academic life. It has observed through a survey that the more involved the parents will be in the academic life of a child, the better will be the child’s grades. Policymakers view parental involvement (PI) as a crucial component of school reform efforts, but evidence of its effect on student achievement is equivocal (Park, 2017).  It is parental involvement that makes sure that student is attending college regularly participating in studies, and so on.

4.     Equal opportunity for all:

To Equal opportunities for all students mean the equal provision of resources; be it the funding, the material provided for educational purposes, and other such facilities. The opportunities must be provide irrespective of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and socio-economic differences. The following few rules set the example of how equal opportunities in education can be provided;

  • Setting clear rules of how to treat one another.
  • Treating students and staff fairly.
  • Creating an all-inclusive environment for students and teachers.
  • Exposing students to free resources.
  • Equal funding for underfunded institutes.

5.     National standards for all educational institutes:

This is one of the most important factors that improve the quality of education. National education standards include;

  • Framework for teachers.
  • Framework for administrators.
  • Selecting curricula.
  • Allocating instructional resources.
  • The basis of assessing students’ academic growth.

If the same national standards in each educational institute develop across the whole country then no discrimination will be done among the students coming from different institutes. This will help the students in developing new talent and contributing to the progress of the country.


It is education that makes or breaks a country.  If a country is educated then it definitely prosper. Another factor that contributes to the progress of the country is the quality of education. The education quality depends upon different factors that are create by various policymakers. Hopefully, the above-mentioned post will help the readers in understanding the role that these policymakers can lay in improving the quality of education.


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