A Complete Guide on How to Develop an App Like Thumbtack

A Complete Guide on How to Develop an App Like Thumbtack
A Complete Guide on How to Develop an App Like Thumbtack

With the rise of mobile app like Thumbtack, it becomes easier for people to find skilled professionals for their household-related work.

Thumbtack began as a startup in 2008, and today is valued at more than $1 billion. The success of the Thumbtack mobile app is an inspiration to many people. If the success of the Thumbtack app also wonders you, this blog got you covered with all your concerns.

So, let’s get started by developing a basic understanding of what an App like Thumbtack is.

What is An App Like Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is recognized as the largest on-demand marketplace in the USA for connecting service providers with customers who are in need of those services.

The mobile app offers a plethora of services starting from house cleaning to decorating the house for special events. The application got you covered with all your household-related tasks.

Now as you are familiar with the Thumbtack application, the next thing you need to know is how to develop an app similar to the Thumbtack.

How to Develop an App Like Thumbtack?

In addition to choosing the right app Developers in India, some other steps are also involved in Thumbtack like app development. Let’s scroll down to get familiar with the steps:

Understand Your Target

Thumbtack is a hit among the US audience due to increased awareness of smartphones in the United States. Since you are looking for an Indian market you have to conduct the proper market research to align your app development goals with the vision.

If you tend to launch your mobile app similar to Thumbtack without aligning with your audience, there are high chances of going downwards. The reason is that people already have access to the Thumbtack app, so developing something similar is no longer going to interest them.

Therefore dig deep into the market and know your audience properly like what excites them the most. In addition to that, also find out the challenges with the Thumbtack app and solve them in your application to ensure it turns out to be a success. 

Come Up With the MVP and Feature Set

Thumbtack app development is a big decision from a financial point of view. Therefore before developing a full-fledged app, it is beneficial for you to bring a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with the most important features that adhere to your customer’s needs.

MVP serves as the best way to take a glimpse of what your product is going to look like and how you can improve it to boost the customer experience. With MVP you can also ask the early customer to provide their feedback on the app.

Keep the customer’s feedback in the prime focus and implement the changes that can bring meaningful results to your product.

Below we have provided you with a list of some of the most important features of an app like Thumbtack:


This is a must-have feature for both customers and service providers. It helps people gather the important information needed from the service providers and customers.

Service Providers Profile

A separate dashboard should be made for each service provider. This profile will provide them with information such as the number of jobs they have performed, requests for new jobs, portfolios, references, profiles, and so on.

Job Posting for Customers

After registering, customers should be provided with access to the job posting portal where they can share their requirements which will help the application match them with the right professional.


Once a customer is connected with the right service provider, the next step is to schedule the time for the service. This feature is essential as it provides convenience to both customers and service providers to schedule services according to their convenience.

Search Filters

This narrows down the list of service providers and allows customers to conveniently find specialists.

In-App Chat

Apps like Thumbtack should have an in-app feature that allows customers to communicate with the service provider. This way customers can feel more confident about their selection of professionals.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings & reviews are the best way to determine the credibility of the services provider. Based on the experience customers had with the service provider they can rate and review the service providers.

Settle on the Monetization Model

The end goal of developing an app like Thumbtack is to make a profit and without having the right monetization model you can’t do so. Instead of replicating the monetization model of Thumbtack, you should also think about other monetization models as well to make a profit.

The Thumbtack monetization strategy works on the pay-per-lead model where service providers have to pay for every client they receive on the application. In addition to that, several other monetization models are also available such as:

Commission: You can deduct a certain percentage from the amount received on every task completed on Thumbtack.

Subscription: You can create monthly paid plans for the usage of your mobile application.

Advertisements: This is one of the best monetization models in the case when you want to keep the usage of mobile applications free of cost. You can place advertisements on the website to generate revenue.

Development, Testing, and Deployment of an App Like Thumbtack?

 This is the time when mobile app developers come into action. Developers will bring life into your idea adhering to the customer’s needs. Be engaged with the mobile app development company throughout the development journey to make sure all your goals are successfully converted into feasible solutions.

After development instead of hitting the market, spend some time on the testing of the application. Make sure all the functions of your application are working perfectly as you expected. Also, make sure that the best security practices are followed while developing your on-demand app like Thumbtack. For that purpose opt to work with the best app development company that also offers quality assurance services.

Once the functionality of the Thumbtack is tested, the next step will be to deploy your application on Play Store or App Store. Professional app developers can also help you with the submission of the application on desired platforms.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Similar to Thumbtack?

Thumbtack app development is an endeavor that requires a significant amount of time and money. Therefore it is the best practice to have a precise knowledge of the app development cost.

The cost of developing the app is determined on the basis of features, complexity, and resources required to develop the app. Since every on-demand mobile application development project differs on the basis of these factors, determining an estimated cost is not possible. Consult with the app development company, share your requirements with them and they will provide you with the estimated cost.

Final Take

The success of an app like Thumbtack is an inspiration for a lot of people. By following all the above-mentioned steps you can develop the application that speaks of your vision and prove to be the next-generation revenue stream. The inevitable step in the development process is hiring an app development company that is driven by rich expertise in on-demand app development. By doing so, you will be able to boost the chances of seeing the success of your application.

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