Exclusive networking products at Switch Tech Supply:


The isr1100-4gltena series and ISR 1100X series routers are delivered as platforms that sit on the circumferences of a site. 

They participate in establishing a secure virtual overlay network over any WAN transport mix while operating in controller mode.

The mx204-p-base is a Juniper MX204 chassis with 2 power supplies and 3 fan trays. it is a cloud-grade routing platform that gives extremely high density and throughput in a space and power-optimized package.

Switch Tech Supply offers many routers that meet the needs of customers. So, call them or leave your inquiry right now. Their experts will be glad to help you with the best technical solution for your business project.


Cisco SD-WAN is a cloud-first architecture that provides unparalleled visibility into your WAN, and superior connectivity for end users. 

Cisco 1000 Series routers combine WAN in a wired, high-performance platform. They provide a complete security platform to protect your network, user connectivity, and unparalleled WAN visibility.

Network communication is well managed, and data packets are routed to the correct path, guaranteeing reliability. One or more packet-switched networks or subnetworks can be connected by a router. 

Directing data packets to their intended IP addresses manages network traffic and allows multiple devices to share an Internet connection. Network services can be configured quickly. 


It provides 400 Gbps throughput with high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces. These are all in just one rack unit. 

The MX204 supports a comprehensive suite of security, routing, switching, and service features available in the major MX Series platforms. They have support for automation and telemetry capabilities that serve as the basis of the driving network. 

It is a universal edge router and is a cloud-grade routing platform that provides customers with ultra-high density and throughput in a space- and power-optimized package. Additionally, the MX204 supports mobile and financial services’ stringent timing and synchronization requirements.


Junos telemetry interface

Using Junos telemetry interface data, you can stream component-level data to analyze, monitor, and optimize network performance. 

Nonsegregated hardware-based timing

You don’t need to use external clocks because mx204-p-base series routers support highly scalable and reliable hardware-based timing, including synchronous ethernet and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for frequency and phase synchronization.

System space

The MX204 offers 400 Gbps throughput and supports high-density 100-Gigabit ethernet interfaces. As well as 10-Gigabit ethernet and 1-Gigabit ethernet interfaces, all present in a single rack unit while consuming only 0.9 W/Gb. 

Programmable chipset

The programmable chipset executes in the MX series routers has a forwarding data structure that allows rapid microcode changes in the hardware itself. However,  a programmable search engine allows inline service processing.


High density

It provides 400 Gbps system throughput and support for 4 40GbE, 24 10GbE, or 4 100GbE interfaces per chassis.

Compact design

This router offers exceptionally high density and throughput in a compact 1 U form factor.

Power and cooling

Offers excellent power efficiency using only 0.9 W/Gb. it is an important consideration for cloud-grade and collocation networks that provides redundant power supplies.


Quality excellence is the essence of the survival and growth of Switch Tech Supply. Their experts have many years of experience in the optical communication industry. Their makers are also well-experienced manufacturers in the industry as many of them have OEM capabilities for first-class system apparatus manufacturers.

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