Are you planning to Hire Angular Developers?

Are you planning to Hire Angular Developers?
Are you planning to Hire Angular Developers?

A lot many people ask why to Hire Angular Developers, when ionic, React, and Vue is reliable web development partners in crime. Well, why not?

Like ionic, React, and Vue – Angular assists in building highly interactive, and dynamic single-page applications (SPA). It is an open-source framework, based on JavaScript and TypeScript. It is popular for creating (1) Progressive Web Applications (PWA), (2) Native Applications, and (3) Desktop Applications. This framework is maintained by Google and simplifies the development and testing processes.  AngularJS addresses the challenges of web development processes. It integrates HTML codes and application modules in the framework.

Angular is suitable for maintaining web infrastructures with ease. It is built on MVC architecture. It follows HTML and its extensions (directives) for that responsive and dynamic effect. It synchronizes modules and views to follow DOM methodology and improvises testability and performance. It also features two-way data binding, MVC structure, templates, dependency injections, testing features, and directives.

Why do we use Angular in web development?

Angular applications can scale from single-developer applications to enterprise-level applications. Resultant applications are easy to update with the least effort.

What can Angular Framework do?

Angular turns templates into highly optimized code, which runs on JavaScript virtual machine.

It serves as the presentation layer (view) or the user interface and user experience of the applications written in Node.js, PHP, and .Net. It renders HTML and CSS.

Angular applications rank high on search engines, with a high potential to get indexed early on.

Angular applications load quickly with a Component Router and deliver automatic code splitting. This makes users view only the part that they request. Angular creates lazy-loaded modules which are split into their own chunk of JavaScript via lazy loaded route. 

On the productivity front, Angular features templates that quickly create user interface (UI) views with powerful template syntax. Angular uses command-line interface tools for fast development and testing. The integrated development environment is quick enough to catch errors. Angular’s Karma facilitates unit testing. Angular’s intuitive API helps in raising high performance and complex animation timelines. Angular can be used to create accessible applications with ARIA-enabled components, developer guides, and test infrastructure. 

What are the responsibilities of an Angular.js developer?

They are primarily responsible for creating a top-level coding base by implementing coding best practices. It is used to implement a streamlined user experience by the means of Java-based desktop and mobile apps. Angular developers should be proficient in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and must have excellent project management skills. AngularJS can be used to design and develop interactive user interfaces. It adapts to the interface to create modern internet applications by making use of front-end technologies. AngularJS improves design architecture. It promotes code re-usability. It makes use of better plug-and-play components. It facilitates faster application development. It handles dependencies efficiently. It enables developers to exercise control over the application state. It assists in managing the state.

What skills must Angularjs developers have?

  • Previous experience in web development
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science/computer engineering (BTech, BCA, BA (CA))
  • Proficiency in writing cross-browser compatible code
  • Experience in using Javascript building tools like Grunt and Gulp
  • Knowledge of JavaScript MV-VM/MVC frameworks including Angular JS
  • They must be aware of Node Package Manager (npm), and Angular Command line interface (CLI) to ensure that they follow web development best practices (add new components, services, modules)
  • Angular requires developers to know the basics of HTML, CSS, JS, and XML to create functional apps, and render in a browser. The main idea behind this is that frameworks are here for a while, while basic building blocks are here to stay.
  • Additionally, they must know TypeScript. It gives the ability to confidently refactor the code, take advantage of strong typing, reduce bugs in any large codebase, and evolve according to the user’s needs.
  • Angular bundles with RxJS (library for reactive programming) to make HTTP requests for data and provide consistent API to perform asynchronous tasks.
  • GIT lets Angular web developers experiment with new application features, new coding techniques, and proof of concept that is useful for end users
  • Also, a degree in RESTful API integration – requests to GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE data.
  • It is good to know adjacent technologies – Node and Webpack to make the app development process easier and more effective.

Why use Angular?

  • Google offers long-term support (LTS) to Angular.
  • Typescript fuels Angular and compiles existing code. It ensures improved navigation, auto-completion, and refactoring services.
  • Angular makes use of HTML to define the user interface of the application with directives – ng-app, ng-repeat, ng-model, and forms control. 
  • It simplifies PWA and SPA development.
  • Angular ensures easy development as it prevents the need for unnecessary code by using MVC architecture.
  • Angular organizes the code components into buckets or modules (components, pipes, directives, or services).
  • Angular code is consistent and easy to test. It ensures reusability, simplified unit testing, improved readability, and ease of maintenance.
  • And many more features that make it work across all platforms – web, native mobile, mobile web, and native desktop. web workers and server-side rendering let angular applications achieve maximum speed. They are scalable, and capable of meeting huge requirements by building data models on RxJs, immutable.js, or another push mode.
  • Lastly, even if we skip the details, it is essential to discern that Angular lets’s build features quickly with simple and declarative templates. It extends the template language with its own components and a wide range of components.

Top websites Made with Angular

  • PayPal
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Deutsche Bank Developer Portal
  • Forbes
  • Microsoft Office Home
  • IBM

What steps should aspiring Angular developers follow?

By far we know the importance of Angular, why it is so popular, and what skills should web developers possess to become Angular developers, now, here are the steps that aspiring Angularjs developers must follow to become proficient:

  1. Learn JavaScript
  2. Learn Typescript
  3. Research online resources pertaining to angular web development
  4. Take classes
  5. Practice hard!
  6. Join a community like GitHub, watch for libraries and repositories

Additionally, loads of Angular Development tutorials are available at Udemy and Simplilearn by the name of (1) Angular – The Complete Guide, (2) the complete angular course: Beginner to advanced, (3) Angular Fundamentals by Pluralsight, (4) An Angular 5 Tutorial: Step by Step Guide to Your First Angular App, (5) Complete Angular tutorial for Beginners by TekTutorialsHub, plus many more!

Conclusive: How to hire Angular developers?

Angular is already a leader in web development, if combined with incredible technology and practical features, it can be used to develop next-generation projects. Angular developers are in high demand as Angular websites are able to perform on high loads. It is useful for progressive web apps and single-page applications.  Overall, it eases the development process and has a powerful community, handy functionality, detailed documentation, and multiple third-party services for simplified development. Web development companies in India freely experiment with HTML and attributes and independently innovate with the web development process. They test, construct and inject and do just about anything with the one.

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