How to participate in the Whatsapp lottery winner?

Whatsapp lottery winner

There are internet Game contests, but if you want to opt for a bigger prize, there is an option that may interest you: the Whatsapp lottery winner.

This is the Mega Millions contest, which is held every Tuesday and Friday in the Mumbai, Kolkata, Whatsapp lottery, On each of these two days, the lottery can award 1 Crore in prizes. Is it possible to participate from India? Yes, and you can do everything online.

What number will come out in the 2022 Whatsapp lottery winner?

 It is the million question and one that many people are asking themselves these days, hoping to win the Jackpot and get rich. However, in order not to generate unnecessary expectations, it is better to drop the spoiler from the beginning: it is not known and cannot be known which will be the tenth winner in the Whatsapp lottery winner this Thursday, December 22.

Even so, it is common for there to be people who want to buy a specific number to play with, based on sentimental and personal criteria (because it brings back a good memory or has a special meaning for these people) or choosing one of the most demanded that year

Those numbers and endings that have appeared the most times in the Whatsapp lottery winner throughout its 2 centuries of history can also be taken as a reference.

Where to buy Whatsapp lottery online

Although mathematics and statistics make it clear that this does not imply that they are more likely to win the first prize or one of the other big ones, it is a criterion like any other to be used to try your luck: there are 1 Crore at stake at the series, or 400,000 per tenth, if he plays the Whatsapp lottery.

A single winner who bought the Whatsapp lottery in India has  won the highest prize in history in that draw, of 1 Crore, as announced by the authorities on Tuesday. The ticket was sold at KBC head Office Number India  Center, a business in India,

The Whatsapp lottery played in every india state and territory, had grown to unprecedented numbers in the last two draws because no one was lucky enough to match all five numbers and the extra on the lottery. “draw”, which is the icing on the cake.

The Whatsapp lottery  Administration has announced on its Twitter account that the ticket that matched all six numbers was sold in a Mumbai establishment, and it is the first time that a person has won more than 1 Crore thanks to gambling in the state.

How to look for a Whatsapp lottery number

The easiest way to buy a specific number for the Whatsapp lottery is through the internet.

You can do it on the Whatsapp Lotteries and Gambling website, specifically through this link. You just have to enter the number you are looking for and select the Whatsapp raffle. A list will then appear with the cities and administrations in which it is available.

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