What Is a Shopping Cart and Why Adding a Right Shopping Cart to a Website HTML important?

Shopping Cart to a Website HTML

In every buyer’s shopping journey, the point of “add to cart” is the most decisive moment when they move from scrolling through the products to buying them.

But when business owners choose the wrong shopping cart platform and have a poorly designed payment processing system, it discourages potential buyers from buying their products. So, choosing the right shopping cart for a good buying experience is very important.

In this article, we will define what a shopping cart is. Why adding a good shopping cart is important and discuss how to add a shopping cart to website HTML. 

What is a shopping cart?

A shopping cart is a platform that enables buyers to buy products from an eCommerce website. Shopping carts are of two types – Hosted shopping cart and licensed shopping cart.

  • Hosted Shopping cart- This kind of shopping cart is the best option for new business owners without any technical knowledge of coding. Hosted shopping carts are provided by third party service providers. They have unlimited templates that offer customization as per needs. A Hosted shopping cart offers many subscription plans, from monthly plans to annual plans. You can also use an online site builder tool to add a shopping cart to your website. 
  • Licensed Shopping cart- This kind of shopping cart gives full control to business owners over displaying, designing, and integrating a shopping cart into a website, unlike hosted shopping carts. But, with full freedom comes many responsibilities. Having a Licensed shopping cart requires one to download and install it into website HTML by themself. Additionally, business owners must take responsibility for maintenance, security, and updates. Licensed shopping carts are best for expert, tech-savvy business owners.

Advantages of choosing the right shopping cart:

  • A good shopping cart will smooth an eCommerce website’s shopping process and encourage buyers to buy products.
  • The most crucial step when a customer is browsing products on an eCommerce website is purchasing them. So, choosing the right shopping cart can stop cart abandonment.
  • To sell products online, a business owner needs a good shopping cart. Without it, a website won’t have online sales, payment gateways, and process transactions. And buyers won’t be able to select products and place orders.
  • When a business owner adds a shopping cart to the website HTML to enable eCommerce functionalities, it will increase customer experience, generate revenue for the website, and help the website to rank high on the search engine. 

How to integrate a shopping cart into a website HTML?

  • Find an online site builder tool and create an account.
  • Put products on the dashboard, upload images and finally, integrate the shopping cart into the website and activate them. 
  • After putting the products and choosing a payment gateway method is completed. The website builder tool will provide a unique HTML code that can be easily dragged and dropped to the coding part of the existing website to enable eCommerce functionality.
  • Once the custom code is embedded into the website, you are ready to accept orders. In addition, it will ensure a great buyer experience and reduce cart abandonment.  


Now that you know, there are two types of shopping carts. Hosted shopping cart provided by a third-party firm. It is best for new business owners without any technical knowledge of coding. Licensed shopping carts are for tech-savvy and expert business owners. Then the importance of adding the right one, and finally, how to make a shopping cart on an HTML website. So, What are you waiting for? Find a shopping cart platform that enables eCommerce functionalities that help to eliminate cart abandonment, generate revenue, and help rank in the search engine.

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