Should We Believe in Astrology or not?


Astrology is an ancient concept of getting an insight into a person’s life by studying the positions of the celestial bodies and their combinations in their Kundali (birth chart). It does not have a very scientific or fool-proof explanation and is based on the concepts of Philosophy and this is the reason why it is considered a ‘pseudoscience’.

It might come as a shock but Astrology was considered a very prevalent academic field during the 18th century and was a mandatory subject in most cases. The downfall of this ancient concept of Astrology began with the adoption of scientific methods that became popular during the advent of the 19th century.

During this time, people started inclining more toward science and only believed what was factual in the eyes of it, completely disregarding the fact that there are a lot of supernatural things happening around us that can not be explained by it and are not constructed on any concrete basis but people still experience them and get affected by them.

Many ancient Philosophers like Michel de Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, Edgar Cayce, and Jean Dixon, gained popularity because their predictions about what will happen in the future proved to be true. Michael de Nostradamus predicted the rise of Adolf Hitler, as well as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Baba Vanga predicted Brexit as well as the infamous attack of 9\11, and Edgar Cayce predicted the stock market crash that was the primary cause of the Great Depression of 1929 and Jean Dixon predicted the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

All these philosophers are not only from different backgrounds but also from different eras, the only thing that was common between them was their shared interest in learning about the Universe and they possessed a lot of knowledge about extraterrestrial bodies. It is not a mere coincidence as it is very likely that they were able to identify how the celestial bodies and their positions impact us and even help us determine our future.

So believing and not believing in Astrology is very subjective and also depends a lot on one’s ability to accept and understand new things. One needs to be very open-minded and impartial when it comes to understanding and believing in Astrology as it requires keeping one’s pre-conceived notions aside and learning about things that might not sound logical to a wise mind. It has proven to be helpful for many and people have been using it for various purposes. Some use it to find out the shubh muhurat for buying a car or a house, and some use it to figure out the best day to plan some event, some even use it to find the correct time to launch their business. It is also used to find out the right time to pray or perform a ritual on special occasions.

Even though Astrology doesn’t have substantial ground, people around the world have experienced its benefits and explored it in depth. Most people only turn to it when they fail to find solutions to their problems, and that is why many people nowadays claim to be Astrologers when they don’t even have the required proficiency and qualification for it. They even charge large amounts just to provide false information. Things like these are pushing people away from this powerful concept and making them lose their trust in it.

In a time like this, where it is so difficult to trust anyone, the best way is to try consulting an Astrologer online as it will save your time and they also charge less price. Generally, the Astrologers available on online portals are genuine and professional so it’s better to talk to expert astrologer via a virtual session rather than plan a visit.


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