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Sia security guards have the authority to catch suspects in the act red-handed, those who are within their scope of duty but have a warrant of arrest or conviction, those who endanger their bodily integrity and health, and finally those who try to harm them to protect the crime scene and evidence. The meaning of arrest is explained in the Regulation on Arrest, Detention, and Statement, briefly; without the need for a judge’s decision, it can be said that a person’s freedom is temporarily blocked by everyone.

There are important points that we need to know in order not to commit a crime under the power of arrest. Namely;  A Sia security officer can only catch people who have a warrant of arrest or conviction in their field of duty. Here, unfortunately, the exceptional provisions that expand the scope of duty are not applied. In other words, a person who has an arrest warrant or a conviction cannot be caught by the Sia security guarding TOP UP.

when he goes out of his field of duty.

In addition, the person who was caught suspecting himself must be released, provided that the general law enforcement immediately notifies the suspect of a crime.  For example; If no item or evidence of theft is found after the search to be made after a person is caught thinking that he has stolen something from the shopping center, the person should be released by informing law enforcement since the suspicion of crime will no longer be lifted. Otherwise, the crime of deprivation of liberty, which is listed in the UK Penal Code, will be committed, and as a penal sanction, it is a crime that envisages a prison sentence of 1 to 5 years, so it is necessary to be very careful.

Power to Use Force

sia security guarding TOP UP

We think that it is useful to mention what the use of force is to understand the subject better. Using force; It is the compulsory reaction we give by using material and moral force while using the powers given by the law, again under the conditions determined by the laws.

Sia security guarding TOP UP avoid being punished or paying compensation to the other party if they act within the limits drawn by the law while exercising their authority to use force.

For example, you interfered with someone who wanted to enter the duty area without permission or you had to use force against the suspect you caught while stealing. Meanwhile, the arm of the person in front of you was broken and he complained about you. Right here, if you, as a private security officer, have used the powers recognized in the law according to the rules, you will not be punished by the provisions of self-defense regulated in the Turkish Penal Code, even if the person complaining to you is complaining.

Incidentally, we think that it is useful to explain the prosecution of private security officers for the crimes they have committed due to their duties.

Possession and Carrying of Weapons

Sia security guarding TOP can use their weapons within the framework of the principles and procedures specified in the Police Duties and Powers Law No. 2559 and Law No. 6136 on Firearms and Knives and Other Tools.

Since the use of a weapon is the most severe stage of the authority to use force, the use of a weapon is specified as a last resort in the law. For this reason, it is beneficial to act with the intent to injure, not with the intent to kill.

Power of Confiscation and Retention of Evidence

Sia security guarding TOP UP is required to immediately seize the crime in a crime that occurs in their field of duty and to keep the evidence and inform law enforcement immediately.

This authority, which emerges after the crime has occurred, is a wide-ranging authority that includes the arrest of the suspect, the delivery of the goods subject to the crime under the protection of general law enforcement,

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