The Best Smart Home Hubs You Can Buy in 2022

    With advancing technology, our devices are getting smart. SmartWatches, SmartLocks, and SmartPhones, it seems everything is getting smarter with the days. And to integrate this, you need a smart home. And to make your home smart, you need a smart home hub system. Now a smart home hub is a centralized area. It controls almost all your electrical appliances. In addition to helping in security like your locks, it helps with thermostats and lights. Very smart, isn’t it?

    A smart home hub links all your smart home devices. With your lights and locks linked, you can just lock your home and your smartphone will let you know if you have switched off your bedroom lights are not. Now, this is just one feature. Companies are launching smart home hubs with intricate features to assist in your daily lives. Moreover, the competitive market helps with getting a smart price and features. 

    Let’s Have A Look At Some of The Best Smart Home System Around:

    Google Nest Hub Max

    Great on display but a little limited in facilities. It is one of the best smart home hubs with screens. It comes at 9.9×7.2×4 Inches and can be synced with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The audio quality is excellent and it is a good device for video calls. Your Netflix shows will get a life of their own with its amazing 10-inch display screen. However, where it aces in sound and entertainment, it curbs in battery backup and zero ports. 

    This is a great Google smart home hub if you are looking for something with elevated display and entertainment options. It can be synced with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Thread, so it notes well in connectivity. Though it is not nearly as popular as Alexa or Amazon’s ECO, Google is slowly popularizing this product and improving its features. 

    Amazon Echo

    Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

    One of the best smart home systems especially if you are a smart home hub Alexa admirer. The Amazon Echo 4th Generation has a sleek design and is one of the favored home hub systems in the market. It can connect to multiple smart home devices, automatically triggering a series of desired commands. 

    The device comes at a 5.7-inch diameter and syncs with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and even Sidewalk. It is one of the best devices that are compatible with Alexa, this sophisticated device is light on pocket and heavy on features. Though this device comes with so many perks, it limits itself in its sound quality. The 2020 release has, however, improved its features with premium sound backed by Dolby

    Amazon Echo Dot

    Low on budget? This might be the home hub for you! Amazon Echo Dot has a much better audio quality than its predecessor. It comes at half the price of its market counterparts and is an inexpensive option for those who are looking into home hub automation. Though it only connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, connectivity shouldn’t be a lagging factor for this amazingly affordable smart home hub.

    An excellent feature of this is the security routine that you can enable via Alexa. Be it glass breaking or fire alarms, this smart home hub gets activated like Alexa Guard. It also comes with a clock for easy display. Built at a sleek 3.3-inch diameter body, it comes with a 3.5mm port. While it booms in audio and display, it sadly lacks battery backup. 

    Amazon Echo Show 10

    A great smart home hub with a screen display, this is one of the best smart home hubs you can get. Standing tall at 9.7×6.9×4.2 Inches, though there is no battery backup, it works with WeMo, Philips Hue, Zigbee, Honeywell, Nest, etc. It can even turn and face whoever is asking questions to Alexa. The screen is large, with a bright display enabling a two-way doorbell and camera audio.  Though it takes up space, it is an excellent and convenient smart home hub.

    The only drawback might be its price and size. With an almost 10-inch display screen, it cannot accommodate itself anywhere. A compact space might not be for this one. Moreover, it comes with an inflated price tag. However, it is one of the best devices around. 

    Apple HomePod Mini

    Unpopular opinion, but a lot of users actually prefer Apple’s HomePod Mini to Google’s. Surprising? Not really. The Apple HomePod Mini is a great smart home hub system for HomeKit. In addition to coming with a complex feature authenticity, they are great at making home routines. 

    In addition to being affordable, it can connect multiple smart devices, like lights, locks, and even low-power devices. Built at 3.9-inches in diameter and standing at a quaint 3.3-inches tall, it is a great competition to smart home hubs. Thus, the designs and price appealed to a magnitude of audiences. Especially those who are just entering the smart home hub lifestyle.

    Starling Home Hub

    This amazing home hub links Nest and even HomeKit. Perhaps, it links Nest better than any devices around- including Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect. So if you are using the Apple Home app, you get to use all the features, including Cam and Cam with floodlight. With an iOS app, you don’t need to connect to other devices. However, the main drawback of this device is that there is no Wi-Fi feature. This might be off-putting for a lot of users.


    You might be confused as to how to choose the best home hub for yourself. Look for the one that caters to your needs. What you are looking to control and your routine plays a major role in choosing your home hub system. Most devices connect to some wireless technology like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc. Sensors and detectors use Zigbee or Z waves. Some of the best z wave smart home hubs include Amazon Echo for Alexa users. This makes the product a fan favorite.

    To find your smart home hub, check how easy it is to set up. The smart home hub should be, firstly, easy for novice users, and secondly, convenient to set up. A smart home hub should be able to understand complex commands, in addition to being able to link to multiple devices. A sophisticated home hub brings a plethora of features. However, keeping a considerate price ensures a wider audience.

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