Top 10 Exotic Birds to Observe During Your Next Birdwatch


Top 10 Exotic Birds to Observe During Your Next Birdwatch

The sun is sweetly shining through the vernal breeze; you can feel it in the leaves; you can see it in the blooms; you can hear it in the calls of birds. And the same repeats itself when the fall comes around. As a bird watcher, you want to witness every color and shade possible; the more strange and exotic, the better for your senses. But getting to see the most exotic birds is not easy. You have to have some patience along with the right time.

Spring and autumn are considered to be the best season for bird watchers. Not only is the weather gentle, but migration also happens along this same time. But apart from seeing the most common birds, although beautiful indeed, you’d also want to witness some of the extreme beauties that nature has to offer to our senses. We’ll reveal to you a list of 10 birds to keep an eye on this spring season.

Bohemian Waxwing

As the name suggests, waxwings have a smooth feathery texture to their plumage. These birds look so sculpted with wax that you might want to touch them and feel them. These passerine birds have a crest on their head that you might get amazed to see.

Elegant Trogon

These are rare sights in the United States. If you get to see one, make sure you observe it closely and then capture it with your camera. Buy a good camera for yourself from a good website dealing in cameras and photo products. Trogon has a whitish shade with exotic red bellies that would give you the feel of a rose in the snow land.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Also known as the Texan Bird-of-paradise, the scissor-tailed flycatcher gives you a fascinating sight in the sky when on the flight. Their tails split into a scissor-like shape when they’re on wings.

Northern Red Bishop

Bright orange neck, black breast, and orange under-tail, Northern Red Bishop is a sight that puts a smile onto the faces of all the bird watchers. This bird has been reported (not for any crime of course) around Miami, Houston, LA, etc.

Red-Whiskered Bulbul

This bird is native to India and is so dearly loved there for its sweet sound. With a black body, small red pecks on the chin, and a spiky crest on the head, these are its features apart from its melodious sound.

Scarlet Tanager

If you love red birds, tanagers might be one of your favorite birds. You can sometimes even lure them with honey, nectar-feeder, worms, etc. With black feathers and an orange body, tanagers migrate a lot and can be seen in the US around May.

Painted Bunting

If you love colorful birds, buntings could be your buddy. These little birds have rustic red, violet, yellow, neon, green, and a bit of black to their palette. These birds are shy and could be difficult to spot. Have a good pair of binoculars to spot these sleek creatures. Buy a good binocular with 40×70 zoom or above from eBay alternatives and gift yourself a memorable birdwatching experience.

American Avocets

These are one of the few birds that have an upturned bill. It is to swish their bills in a technique called scything. This is one good reason that you might not want to miss these fancy beaks.


Red neck, head, under-tail, and a black face and breast, a cockatiel is an exotic bird native to Northern Africa. These birds have a soft sound like a sparrow.

Wood Duck

A beautiful iridescent sight flowing gracefully upon the calm fluid waters – Wood Duck has numerous colors that sweetly sit upon its body. The crest on the male wood duck is simply stunning. It is best to be observed during the spring season.

Keep these birds on your list and a bird guide in your hand, and you are good to have some melodious experience.

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