Ultimate Comparison between- Mixhubb Vs Hubilo Vs Airmeet


In this competitive era, where everyone is looking for a better and more convenient option, there are numerous platforms that offer acceptable service within the budget. Talking about the content of the blog, we are going to talk about online event platforms that make your event an unforgettable experience.

In addition to this, we’ll also be comparing three popular platforms for hosting these events, their features, and which one is better among all them. This will give you an idea of the functionalities and working of these platforms.

Online Event Platforms – Why Are They So Important?

Hosting events is not a big deal nowadays. With technological advancements, many companies are switching toward these platforms. The shift is for the creation of brand awareness, lead generation, sales, and many other purposes.

An event like online webinar sessions, online video conferences, exhibitions, expos, etc. needs a professional service provider to attract the audience. These platforms contain a lot of innovative features for better engagement with the viewers and to run promotional campaigns. We will be comparing three popular platforms in this regard and their notable features.

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Mixhubb is basically an advanced online event platform that comes up with 3D visual designs as well as walkthroughs. It has easy to use interface for the audience which is able to host unlimited events on a single platform.

Some of the common events include – Social Webinar Sessions, Conferences & Summits, Award Ceremonies, Town Halls, Hybrid Events, and much more. This is purely a browser-based platform that does not require any sort of app installation or something. Similarly, its features are – 


  • This online exhibition platform is fully customizable. Right from the selection of the lobby to selecting templates and mailing invitations everything is purely customizable.
  • On this platform, it is very easy to build your own event atmosphere, selection of exhibition booths, and branding options.
  • In addition to this, you can easily host an exhibition of any scale with complete smooth control of the event and full sync with the audience as well as speakers.
  • Your privacy and data are completely protected with its dedicated servers and 24/7 chat support. Additionally, it has a powerful analytics tool that gives you accurate outputs of your event performance. However, you can also get all real-time feedback for further modifications.
  • You will also have the complete data security of the event. In addition to this, with its simple dashboard, you can easily get information about attendees’ journeys during the event.


This platform is one of the most popular hybrid as well as virtual event platforms, and it has gained the audience’s trust over the years. Hubilo has the support of many leading brands and industry professionals for its customer support and promising service delivery.

In addition to this, the platform contains many surprises, such as landing page builders with tired ticketing, easy integration with famous payment gateways, and gamified engagement rules. Furthermore, the salient features of this platform are – 


  • You can easily maximize the audience count with its audience management features like interactive chats, polling, handouts, conducting surveys for real-time feedback, and much more.
  • With hubilo, attendees can stay on the platform for a longer duration with its features like gamification in between sessions, getting rewards in the form of coupons or vouchers, etc.
  • With its smart matchmaking option, attendees can easily match relevant connections and thus engage with the event at a deeper level.
  • Hubilo is focussing more on organizing hybrid events which can increase the audience count. Because in the case of hybrid events both types of audiences can participate from the physical venue as well as from virtual platforms.


Airmeet is a strong competitor of the above two platforms with its all-in-one virtual event service. It is a well-known name while hosting on-demand webinar sessions, Townhall meetings, small meetups, and much more. The platform is focussing on successful lead generation with maximizing ROI. if someone is looking for strong networking opportunities then this platform could be a perfect fit for him. Its features include – 


  • On this affordable online exhibition platform, any type of event can be hosted including large-scale conferences, webinar sessions, and much more.
  • In addition to this, this platform is purely a browser-based solution so no downloading of any app or something is required.
  • However, its mobile application is not much compatible with the audience registering its first drawback when it comes to the functionality of the platform.
  • It comes up with the creation of a social lounge for actually meeting the people. You can join a table that consists of a group of random people with similar interests.

What’s Your Call?

Making a choice from the above three is a very difficult task to perform. All of them are important as well as unique in their own way. It ultimately depends on the event requirements, the audience you are targeting as well as objectives of the session. However, the selection of the best alternatives can be done keeping in mind the following important takeaways – 

  • The budget of your event and cost-effective solution for that
  • Providing maximum features with minimal cost
  • Brand credibility globally and past experience of the organizers 
  • Networking options and privacy protection features 

Final Thoughts 

For catching the attention of the audience, engagement options matter for businesses. Audiences are shifting toward those services that offer more comforting options with minimal hustle. Hosting events can be a very stressful task with so much to look for and so much to manage.

These event platforms are coming with more accurate results and tracking records of the event’s performance. This is very crucial for boosting the productivity of the event as a whole. No matter which platform you choose for your event, it should be kept in mind that a wrong choice can lead your efforts to go in vain. It will be just a boring 2-hour lecture for the audience with no leads whatsoever. By selecting the best platform and the right type of strategy, you can host your event in a successful way.   

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