Ways Hotels Use Social Hubs To Market And Engage Guests

social wall for hotels

Social media has become an inseparable part of our daily lives.

With such a large user base, various social media platforms provide businesses with numerous opportunities to interact with their target audience.

It not only helps hotels promote their businesses, but it also creates a strong online presence.

Let’s look at how you can promote your hotel on social media. Here are some surefire ideas for social media marketing for your property.

Ways Hotels Use Social Hubs To Market & Engage Guests

Showcase User-generated Content On Social Walls

Hotels can promote their guests’ photos or tweets via Twitter wall on a centrally located display screen in lobbies or in individual guest rooms. 

To entice new guests, hotels can display a social hub with all of their guests’ checkin photos from Instagram or tweets about their experiences. 

Guests are eager to contribute in order to have their 15 seconds of fame on the big screen. As more content from your guests arrives, you as a hotel will have a large amount of content to leverage for future marketing materials.

Another interesting implementation we’ve seen is hotels instructing guests to take their best photo of their stay and tag it to a specific hotel location. 

All entries will be displayed at the check-in counter, and the best one will receive a free night’s stay.

A social wall of all your guests checking into your hotels around the world, sharing beautiful photos, will be sure to excite new customers checking in. 

This is an excellent dynamic addition to the static clocks that many hotels have behind their check-in counters, displaying the time at hotel locations worldwide.

Present Authentic Social Content

Potential guests not only conduct online research before booking but are also heavily influenced by reviews and recommendations. 

Hotels can use social walls to drive traffic by collecting positive social posts about their location and brand and displaying them right next to the reservation page. 

Using social hubs, your hotel can aggregate your own branded Facebook Page to keep your visitors up to date with the latest discounts directly on your site, or even positive Instagram hashtag slideshow and display them on your site, or even better, your checkout page. 

This helps hotels generate tremendous results. Conversions will increase as you leverage authentic, genuine content directly from your previous customers since your customers value honesty and transparency.

This is also advantageous for your guests because the relevant information is up to date and conveniently located, eliminating the need for the guest to search. 

If you want to be more creative, you can display virtual tours from your own Pinterest board, Twitter hashtags from local events, and much more. 

Using social content on your site and presenting it to your visitors when they are in the purchasing phase will help you increase conversions.

Make The Most Of The Peak Posting Times

While most algorithms no longer prioritize timeliness when deciding what content to show at the top of users’ feeds, posting at the right times on social media remains important. 

Suppose your post is published during or immediately before a peak activity period. In that case, users are more likely to see it and engage with it, and that engagement will significantly boost your ranking in the algorithms.

Finally, knowing when to post can help you maximize the reach of your content and connect with more potential guests. 

While you can manually review the best potential posting times using your own analytics, some scheduling software will suggest peak posting times for your specific accounts, which is something to consider when selecting a scheduling tool.

Communicate With Your Guests

Text messaging is possibly the most effective hotel mobile marketing strategy. To begin, texting does not require an Internet connection, so if a visitor is attempting to contact you but does not have access to the Internet, they may still be able to send and receive a text.

Second, texts aren’t just for smartphones. Because most mobile phones can text, you can include a broader range of guests in your communication services. Text can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Text can be used to send offers to SMS loyalty club members. Sending them exclusive deals or informing them of new hotel locations can help you increase your bookings.

Sending a text message to welcome guests to the hotel with useful tips and advice such as events taking place during their stay or popular destinations can help orient a guest and make them feel welcome. 

When a guest has checked out, sending a thank-you text for choosing your hotel is a nice way to end their stay and show your appreciation for their business.

Text is an efficient polling medium. Texts have a 99% open rate, so if you want to know how your guests’ stay went, text is the way to go. It is critical for hotels to provide guests with the opportunity to provide feedback. Just make sure you’re looking at the right data.

Wrapping Up

Hotel and resort social media marketing necessitate a much greater emphasis on long-term relationship nurturing and reputation building than in other industries, but the potential payoff is enormous.

Each of the strategies outlined here will help you connect with your guests more effectively, establishing relationships and trust that will help you increase bookings before you know it.

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