What are HDI Printed Circuit Boards?


What are HDI Printed Circuit Boards?

You probably heard about Printed Circuit Boards “PCBs” that are used in electronic devices to make them functional. This article covers “what are HDI Printed Circuit Boards.” Therefore, if you want to learn more then you are at the right place.

HDI Printed Circuit Board (PCBs) —- Rapid Introduction

HDI is an acronym that stands for High-Density Interconnect. High-Density Interconnect is a technology introduced in the PCB industry, which revolutionized the industry completely. High-Density Interconnect PCB boards are different from the usual PCB. HDI PCBs are those PCBs that use a high number of interconnections than as compared to standard PCBs. Commonly, electronic designers think of an HDI PCB to be one with a pin density of round about 120-160 pins per square inch.

The major thing, which differentiates HDI PCB from a common PCB, is that HDI PCB has a small size and less weight. The components are assembled closer to each other so that it has a compact size. Additionally, the components are arranged on single layers, which is why it has low weight. They merge the dense placement of component and dense circuit interconnections, which enable the HDI PCB manufacturer to reduce the size and strong connections.

The reduced size and weight of the HDI PCB enable it to perform well and make the signal’s quality better. It enables the size reduction in high-performance devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and much more like them.

HDI PCB Manufacturing Process

A standard PCB involves many steps in manufacturing while the HDI PCB has specific steps in manufacturing. The steps that are involved in HDI PCB manufacturing are mentioned below:

  • Determine the layer depend required to route all signals, both by way of the use of the biggest BGA element on the board or via the usage of the interface + path remembered from the greatest IC on the board.
  • Contact your fabrication residence to choose substances and gain dielectric facts to create your PCB stack up.
  • Based on layer matter and thickness, decide the through fashion that will be used to route indicators thru internal layers.
  • Perform a reliability evaluation if relevant, to confirm that the substances will no longer stress interconnects to fracture all through meeting processing and operation.
  • Determine sketch guidelines primarily based on fabricator competencies and reliability necessities (need for teardrops, hint widths, clearances, etc.) to make sure dependable manufacturing and assembly.

HDI PCBs Development

HDI PCBs are developed due to the need to give an increasing level of power and high performance in small devices. Such needs were increasingly driven by the industries like telecommunication, where the rising demand to give small and more powerful mobile phones needed to find a way to pack more electric circuitry in small and low-weighted space.

The major characteristics of HDI PCBs are mentioned below:

  • Small Size
  • Low Weight
  • More powerful signal
  • High performance
  • All the components are packed near each other

What are the uses of HDI PCBs?

HDI PCBs are used in electronic devices that need small sizes but have high performance. It is used in devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops. It is also used in the automotive industry in modern cars. If you want to know more you can visit Mad PCB

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