What is a website redesign?

website redesign
website redesign services,

Website redesign is the process of rearranging, updating or improving most or all aspects of a website to improve the user experience.

But it is more than a cosmetic change.

The redesign is more than visual and design changes. Website features such as navigation, content, messaging, media and mobile functionality are also improved.

Web Redesign Checklist

Web redesign services have different processes aimed at improving or changing the main aspects of the website.

Start this with a list of the most important things to do before leaving your website design process to developers, designers and advertisers.

Assess current performance indicators

You need to know your current or old website in terms of functionality, design and overall performance (traffic, referrals, conversions, sales).

This way you will know the right goals and the right website redesign services.

List your goals for branding and website redesign

Branding and redesign goals must go hand in hand. Identify key items that need to be updated or improved based on your site’s benchmarking results. This will help you and your team stay on track.

Define your brand clearly

Your website must reflect your brand image, so your message must be clear.

This ensures consistency between your website and external platforms. This includes your physical store and social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Define your target audience

Being fluent in the language of your target market and understanding their pain points is one of the most important steps in building your website.

You have to get to know them by heart: their personality, their demographics, their mind set, and even their hobbies. This information will help you create the right site design, functionality and content for these end users.

Do a competitive analysis

Analyse the competition and find areas where you need to improve. This includes the products or services they offer, their prices, their offers and more.

Examine how they communicate with their audience and assess how you can improve the practice.

Choose the right website redesign service, team or agency

Make sure you hire the right team, people and organization to redesign your website. Choose people with the right attitude and personality for your brand.

Review their skills, background and portfolio to ensure they have the skills needed to bring your vision to life. Communication should also be a factor, as redesigning a website can be a time-consuming process.

When and why should you redesign your website?

Your business goals should determine your need for website redesign services. The reasons for redesigning a website vary depending on business goals and target audiences.

With user experience, traffic, referrals and conversions in mind, here are the top reasons to redesign your website so you know why and when you should consider buying a website:


Branding is one of the main reasons companies seek website redesign services. Branding your company can be important in keeping your brand current and different from your competitors.

Many companies view branding as a change to the logo. They start with a logo redesign that completely changes the look and feel of your brand, and then end sadly.

However, rebranding is more than just changing the logo. Redesign the website and ensure that all pages and channels (web, social media, and email) reflect your brand identity, image and personality.

Optimized for mobile

Most website visitors today use mobile devices because of their portability. The distribution of Internet usage between mobile and desktop audiences around the world is the same.

Mobile Traffic is very high.

In addition, mobile searches account for more than half of Google.com searches, and mobile-optimized sites appear more frequently in search results, Google stated in one of its sources.

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