What Is Social Commerce & How Can It Help E-commerce Brands Increase Sales In 2023?

social commerce

The world is currently living in a digital revolution, and this revolution is opening new doors for every industry there is. This change has affected many sectors, but more importantly, it has given an exponential rise to many industries like e-commerce. 

E-commerce stores have been in existence for years, but the current popularity of e-commerce is newly found. Buyers are predominantly making their purchases online and have a new sense of acceptance for online shopping and transactions. 

We are aware of the rise of e-commerce, but there is now another emerging way to shop – ‘Social Commerce.’
Read this blog to know what social commerce is and ways to increase sales in 2023.

What Is Social Commerce?

Simply put, social commerce is a blend of social media and e-commerce. It uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and lets brands sell products through their social media channel without sending the customer to a different page.

Before social commerce, e-commerce stores could only sell their products through their websites. Now, customers can easily purchase products from social shops without leaving the social media app. 

With the rise of social media, many customers discover your brand through social media posts of other customers or branded content by the brand itself. 

However, with social commerce, it is possible to sell your products on social media or use social media posts as a shoppable catalog by embedding your social feed into your website. 

Now that we know what exactly social commerce stands for let us discuss the ways in which social commerce can help e-commerce brands.

How Can Social Commerce Help E-Commerce Brands Increase Sales?

Social commerce is an interactive and hassle-free way of shopping. Social commerce is extremely convenient for shoppers and sellers, which may explain its rising popularity in today’s times.

Here is how social commerce can help brands drive more sales in 2023.

Social Commerce Makes The Shopping Process Frictionless

A lengthy checkout process is a major issue that buyers constantly face while shopping. A longer shopping process leaves more scope for the customer to get distracted mid-way and abandon the shopping cart.

Shopping from a social media shop is very convenient as the buyer can reach the checkout window in fewer steps. It makes the shopping process smooth and quick.

Two Platforms To Buy And Sell

Social shopping does shorten the purchase time but also widens the customer base. With social commerce, you can set up two platforms for buyers to shop from. Along with an e-commerce web store, you can also synchronize your website with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and create a social shop.

According to research, most consumers first search for the brand and product they are interested in buying on social media. It makes complete sense to set up a shoppable store there itself.

Increases The Possibility Of Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is vital for any brand to succeed and grow, but the high costs of acquiring new customers make it difficult. With social commerce, you can introduce your brand to a new audience more often and convert them into customers.

Because social commerce means shopping on social media platforms, you can run exciting social media campaigns, grow your audience and excite them to buy from your brand.

Can Help You Reach Targeted Audience Directly

Selling on social media has many benefits, but its accurate, ever-improving algorithm is number one. With social media’s data accuracy, it is much easier to reach targeted audiences directly and make them aware of your brand.

Social commerce allows you to target the correct audience, be it a social media shop or your website.

Increases Conversion Rate

Another advantage of social commerce for e-commerce brands is that it is the talk of the moment. Social shopping can greatly increase conversion rate because of its smooth and quick process. 

Imagine scrolling through your social media timeline, coming across a product you like, and being able to purchase it in a jiffy! That’s how social commerce can greatly increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce business.

Makes The Shopping Experience Social

As the name suggests, social commerce puts the ‘social’ in the shopping experience. 

Shopping on social media is a different experience altogether when compared to the typical way of online shopping. 

Customers can conveniently start a conversation or ask questions about the product and get their questions answered. Customers can leave reviews in comments and also post content for the brand to get acknowledged.


Social commerce enables businesses and brands to make sales directly from social media. It’s an effective way of removing barriers and making the shopping experience seamless for customers. 

Social commerce lets social media users look for brands, products, and services and shop them, from choosing the product to the checkout window— all without leaving the social network.

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