How WhatsApp Automation Can Support The Event Industry?

WhatsApp for events

Whatsapp automation is a term that is becoming popular in the event industry and you might be wondering what WhatsApp automation is and how you can use WhatsApp automation for events or business. 

Here is a little introduction to WhatsApp automation before we dive into how WhatsApp automation can help you manage events. The term WhatsApp automation means the use of APIs or AI-driven technologies to fully automate all chats, interactions, and message flows on the WhatsApp App. Without the need for a human, technology is capable of sending and receiving messages, adding new connections, answering customer inquiries, and distributing messages to many contacts.

Now if you are curious to know how WhatsApp automation can help you with events continue reading: 

Whatsapp Automotion For Events

There are various ways in which the event industry can use WhatsApp. Whatsapp automation can be the next best thing for businesses and the event industry and here are a few ways in which WhatsApp can help your business. 

1. Automated Chatbot

Automated chatbots are one of the most popular features of WhatsApp. We are sure at some point as a consumer you must have used WhatsApp chatbot to resolve your queries with a certain brand or a business. A WhatsApp chatbot has a ton of advantages, and businesses have gotten amazing results. Using the WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp bots may be implemented into the app to make it incredibly simple for customers to contact businesses. An automated chatbot can answer some basic questions and you will not need a separate human team to answer certain questions. 

2. Wider Reach 

At present WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform. It has a strong customer base and as a business, you may want to take advantage of this platform and user base. As a business or a brand, you reach your audience easily through WhatsApp as a lot of people prefer contacting and engaging with businesses over a text message rather than a call. 

All you need is a contact of your consumers to reach them and WhatsApp can do the rest for use. You will be able to send automated welcome messages to engage them and by using WhatsApp automation you can build a strong customer base as most of your audience and potential customers are already using the application. 

3. 24*7 Customer Support & Privacy 

Customer support plays an essential role in building the trust and reputation of your business. And it is crucial for your customers too. Businesses can use WhatsApp for User Support. With the WhatsApp automation feature, you can offer your customers 27*7 support. You don’t have to stick to certain hours for providing solutions to your customers for their queries. 

When it comes to safety and privacy, WhatsApp is among the most secure applications. All your customers’ data and queries are end-to-end encrypted. With end-to-end encryption, only you and the recipient of the message can read what is sent; WhatsApp itself is inaccessible in between. 

4. Event Ticketing And Registration 

The best part about WhatsApp is that you can use it in various ways according to your preferences. WhatsApp Event Registration and ticketing is the best feature that it has to offer. Registration is the first step for the event and with WhatsApp, you can make the registration and ticketing process easy for your customers. 

Whatsapp eliminates the long waiting queue for registrations. You can directly send registration forms on WhatsApp or you can also send your users a link to your landing page for registration and ask them to fill out the form.

Your users can receive digital tickets after registration on WhatsApp itself. The ticketing process from WhatsApp is easy and simple for customers as well as businesses.

5. RSVP Management 

Another way in which you can use WhatsApp is by sending invites. You can send your event details and invites to your potential attendees through WhatsApp. Your attendees can also confirm their participation through WhatsApp. 

Maintaining invites can be difficult sometimes, but with WhatsApp, you have all the data and information regarding your event in one place. You will be able to figure out the estimated headcount for your event in advance with the help of WhatsApp automation. 

6. Push Notifications 

You can send all the necessary updates to your customers through WhatsApp automation. Whatsapp can be the best reminder tool. You can send notifications regarding the registration, and payment process, and you can also update your audience about the date, time, venue, or any necessary update about your event. 

You can use notifications as a countdown for your event but the thing you need to keep in mind with WhatsApp notifications features is that you don’t have to spam your audience with the notifications. Send some friendly reminders and important notifications without spamming them with too many notifications. 

7. Measurable Insights 

The great feature of WhatsApp is that it can help in measuring insights. When you are hosting an event you will need insights and all the necessary data. While registering and confirming for the event your audience provides you with a lot of data that is crucial for you and as a business owner you want to access it easily and WhatsApp can help you with that.

You will be able to see how your audience was responding to your automated notifications and messages, how they were engaging, how many of them confirmed and attended, how many people didn’t attend the event after confirmation, and so on. Every conversation or data exchange between you and your audience will be available for you. 

8. More Engagement 

With WhatsApp engagement with your audience increases. Your audience can ask queries and engage with the brand anytime they want. They can respond to notifications. You can send them customized and personalized text messages. There are various ways in which you can engage your audience on WhatsApp, you confirm, share surveys and encourage them to take part in polls and other such interactive activities. Regular engagement with the audience will build trust and a sense of belonging to them. 

9. Easy Access To Feedback 

Whatsapp is the easiest way to collect feedback from your audience. You can send a personalized message or a feedback form that your audience can fill out. Feedbacks are necessary to upgrade and change your strategies and with WhatsApp, you can collect the feedback in one place. 

If you are asking for feedback after an event you can also share images, short videos, or other data from the event with the feedback message or form.

The Bottom Line 

Businesses today recognize the value of engaging with customers in creative ways. Additionally, contacting them on the application where they are already active can be quite important.

With WhatsApp’s automation feature you can establish a more solid and long-lasting relationship with your consumers.

Additionally, you can increase WhatsApp engagement rate, easily send them updates and notifications, provide them solid support, etc. You can automate your customer service activities with WhatsApp. 

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