Wireless headphones with a mic

Wireless headphones with a mic


Using headphones at all times becomes an essential part of life especially when you have to attend long calls during the work day. No doubt it also becomes a need when you are in a long video or audio conference with your business partner and colleague on Skype, WhatsApp, zoom, or another platform. Wireless headphones with a mic should be the option to choose for this purpose. They’ll improve audio quality so you can listen to all words.

It’s almost an easy way to compact the headset to any device at any time, and later you need to put on the earbuds, and you will connect with it automatically. 

How to select the best headphones with a microphone?

Always choose the best and latest model of headphones, and it also gives you more comfortable of moves to hands-free. Choose those models that are best for both audio and video, good battery lifetime, and have a large range of Bluetooth sharing. This implies that you can leave your devices and walk to the opposite side of your house while being connected to the call. 

The top recommended headphones with microphone are as given:

Bose 700

Bose will always be the best choice for making videos and voice calls. It also extends the quality of your voice and helps cancel the outside noise. Bose will be the best choice and is comfortable for making the long call. The 700’s wide mic array captures your speech with exceptional clarity and minimizes the loud background voice so that calls are less interrupted even when you are in a meeting. Bose has some specifications:

  • Their battery lifetime will be almost 20 hours on active noise cancellation.
  • Their Bluetooth range is up to 9 meters long.
  • Their price depends on ANC.

Sony WH-1000XM5

The new design of Sony WH gives more significant preferment in designing. The significant improvement will matter where you need to attend your long call. The eight XM5 microphones enable it to deliver calls that are considered ideal. Sony automatically detects wind sound and both sides’ discussions will be clear and direct. Sony has some specifications:

  • Their battery lifetime will be almost 40 hours and 30 hours when you use it on active voice cancellation.
  • Their Bluetooth range is not specified.

Anker Sound core Liberty 3 Pro

Anker sound core will give you better music sound with the best audio quality. Although it can’t eliminate background noise like, Bose and Sony’s technology can, it can manage enough to provide quiet listening in some circumstances. Anker gives you good call quality and its overall performance of it undercuts the many other best model. Anker Sound core specifications are given

  • Their battery lifetime will be up to 8 hours and during charging, it will be 32 hours. 
  • The Bluetooth range will be up to 50 feet.


As all of us make audio and videos call for their conversation and it is best to use wireless microphone headphone, especially for those who are busy with their work. If you are still confused about choosing the best quality sound mic do not worry, we have listed above some best models of headsets you can select from anyone. The final selection is yours.

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