Summer is finally here and who says summer, says strong heat. So what better way to cool off than a good ice cream  ? Ice cream is consumed a lot each summer and supermarket shelves are taken by storm when the mercury rises. If like me you love ice cream and for you an ice-free summer is not really a summer, this article is for you!

If you like to do things yourself , have a passion for cooking or just care about what you eat , you will find what you are looking for in this article. In fact, supermarket ice creams may be tempting, but they are not always good for your health due to their high sugar content or the presence of additives and preservatives .

By choosing to make your homemade ice cream , you control what you put in it and take care of your family and friends. Plus, who said homemade ice cream can't be as tasty and delicious as industrial ice cream? I'm even willing to bet that your ice creams will be much better than those found in the store.

Let's not wait any longer, here are my Top 5 devices to make your homemade ice cream  !


First of all, let's start with the classic and essential device to make your homemade ice creams easily and quickly. This ice cream maker with LCD screen is perfect for making all types of homemade ice cream  ! Whether you prefer ice cream , sorbet or even frozen yogurt , this is the essential device. It allows you to obtain 1.5L of ice cream in 20 to 60 minutes and the remaining preparation time is displayed on the screen.

Compact and easy to store.

The advantage of this device is that you are the master of the ingredients  ! It is you who decide what to put in it according to your tastes and your intolerances . For lactose intolerant, choose plant-based or lactose-free milk  ! If you are diabetic or if you simply pay attention to your consumption of processed sugar, choose not to use it or prefer coconut sugar rich in magnesium and which gives a slightly caramelized taste to your recipes. The stevia is also a good option for people with diabetes since its glycemic index is zero. therecipe book included helps you start making your homemade ice creams and gives you recipe ideas! However, you can let your creativity run wild and make any combination imaginable.


The second option I offer is perfect if you have a smaller budget but still want to buy an ice cream maker. This manual crank ice cream maker also allows you to prepare your homemade ice creams and sorbets quickly and easily . All you need to do is turn the crank for 10 to 15 minutes to prepare your ice cream! You can also add ingredients during preparation according to your desires. In addition, the device works without a power outlet, so you can prepare your preparations anywhere  !

Finally, after having made an effort for a quarter of an hour your ice cream will be fully deserved  !! However, this model is also available in an electric version for the laziest of you .

Container capacity: 500ml.


Then, to vary your pleasures , I offer you a device that allows you to make fruit ice cream rolls . These desserts come straight from Asia and bring a refined and refreshing touch to your frozen desserts! In addition, the preparation of this type of dessert is very simple  : just place your fruit on the baking sheet previously placed in the freezer, pour in the cream and crush your fruit with the cream using the spatula. The crushed fruits will mix with the cream which will freeze on contact with the plate straight out of the freezer. All that's left is toscrape the ice cream to form your rolls  !

Included: 2 scrapers, 6 cookie cutters and 1 spoon.

Prepare your rolls simply by following your imagination and amaze your guests with a different and tantalizing dessert  !

Little tip  : it is possible to use vegetable milk instead of cream for lactose intolerant people or to facilitate digestion. Take the opportunity to play with tastes  : hazelnut flavor to bring a gourmet touch or even coconut flavor to add a subtle taste to your fruits .


If you like rather the stick in ice or water ices this model is for you! Quick and easy to use, these 8 popsicle molds will delight the whole family this summer. All you need to do is fill the molds with fruit juice, yogurt or syrup, then insert the wooden stick and place them in the freezer. This is the simplest technique for making homemade ice cream  !

Ice cream in no time!

Little tip  : add chocolate shavings or chips if you use plain yogurt for more indulgence  !!


The last product in our Top 5 is a variation of the previous product . Indeed, these silicone molds also allow you to make water ice cream and much more  ! Easily make your water ice creams but also your ice creams by filling your molds with cream and chocolate or fruit shavings then put everything in the freezer and enjoy .

Temperature resistant from -40 to + 260 ° C.

The special feature of this product is that it can be used both in a traditional oven and in the microwave if you want to use it for baking cakes . Thus, this product is 2 in 1 since you can use it to make ice cream as well as to make cakes using them as a cake tin to make individual portions .

These molds are reusable at will, dishwasher safe and bisphenol A free .


Before I finish this article, I wanted to present a little bonus to you . This product does not allow you to make ice cream, but it allows you to prepare another specialty very popular in summer: granita .

This granita machine allows you to make your own granita at home  ! The machine will crush ice into crystals from a single ice cube. The crystals are poured directly into the cones to create individual servings . So everyone can make their own granita to their taste by adding the syrup of their choice. It is possible to vary the recipes by using other frozen ingredients. For example, milk , cream or even fruit juice .

The machine is perfect for your birthdays or festive evenings . In addition, the child safety device allows you to use the machine in complete safety.

The machine stays clean since the syrup is poured at the end.

My Top 5 devices for making your homemade ice cream is coming to an end. I hope he made you hungry and want to make your own ice cream . Enjoy your summer and your loved ones around a good ice cream. 

Goodbye !

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