At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices That Actually Work

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices That Actually Work

While there are many hair removal methods today, most of them are far from perfect. From ingrown hairs to razor burns, the pains of shaving and waxing have made many turn to IPL hair removal, which promises a permanent reduction in hair growth.

Getting hair removal done professionally can be quite costly, but there are several at-home devices that are more affordable and still effective for zapping off hair. The thought of lasering your face or body may sound scary, so we talked to dermatologists to get the scoop on everything you need to know about at-home IPL hair removal devices. When researching devices for this list, we looked for models with FDA clearance, proper safety features, and customer seals of approval.

Ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair?

Below, discover the best at-home Best IPL Hair Removal devices to shop now.

Our Picks

What We Love: You can customize the energy, comfort level, and speed.

What We Don’t Love: There’s a bit of a learning curve with all the different settings.

Ulike has been in the IPL hair removal game for more than 20+ years, so it’s no surprise its FDA-cleared it device is one of the best all around. Not only does it Painless hair removal by Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology, but it also has Salon-Grade hair removal in the comfort of your own home so you can customize the experience for different parts of your body. The precision head lets you tackle trickier areas like the bikini line, upper lip, and even the fingers and toes. It has a built-in skin sensor that selects the right intensity for your skin tone as well as prevents accidental activation. The brand recommends using it once a week for 12 weeks, after which you can use it once every one to two months to maintain the results.

Looking for the Best IPL Hair Removal Devices?

If you are looking for a personal IPL hair remover, then the Ulike Sapphire AIR+ is a device that you should definitely consider getting. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in hair removal, this device has five settings for adjusting the intensity of the light pulses. These settings also allow it to be compatible with different hair and skin types. This device also has an unlimited number of flashes for a single person to use. With this, you do not have to worry about running out of power in the middle of a session.

Another feature that we love about this device is the Sapphire that it uses for hair removal. It allows for high energy output that can help you achieve permanent hair removal in 3 to 4 weeks. Furthermore, the Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology that it uses is combined with a flat light outlet to make hair removal painless. This technology also lets the hair removal process maintain a cool sensation from 50℉-104℉. Because of this technology, you can comfortably and painlessly remove hair whenever and wherever you need it.

A hair remover suitable for the whole body

Due to its powerful lamp, this device can be used for a full range of body hair removal treatments. Whether you want to remove hair on your face or underarms, you can be sure that the Diamond AIR+ can get the job done. It can also be used for removing hair on the bikini line if you are aiming for that summer-ready look.

Why buy this:

  • Has multiple levels for light pulse intensity
  • Compatible with different hair and skin types
  • Capable of permanent hair removal within 3 to 4 weeks of use
  • Uses technology that keeps skin cool during hair removal
  • Suitable for full body hair removal
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