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Your car won’t start again after sitting for months
If your car turns off while driving and won’t start, it could be due to a lack of fuel in the tank.
So, you only have to refuel to be able to start your car engine again. A defective ignition contact or engine damage are also possible.
If the engine still cannot be started after the causes have been eliminated, it may also be due to the engine control unit or loose ignition cables, chaktty said.
So this should also be checked. The first thing you do is check the fuel gauge and refill if necessary.
If there is enough fuel, the ignition wiring must then be checked and reinserted if it is loose. 
If the ignition cable sparks when the engine is started, the insulation may be defective, according to tech pally technician.
Insulating tape is a quick help here, but the cable should be replaced immediately. If the car still does not start,

How to Start your car engine again after sitting for months?

In order to push the car, the person sitting in the car must turn the ignition but not start it.
You should also put it in second gear and step on the clutch. The additional pushing means that the engine can start again.
 If the car can be pushed, the ground wire, the alternator or the ignition coil can be the reason for the failure to start.
You should therefore check these as the next step. If the vehicle cannot be pushed, the ignition contacts must be checked.
If there is no noise from the starter, the engine could be locked or engine damage could have occurred.
 Then a visit to a workshop is urgently recommended if your car has been sitting for 2 years as the damage can otherwise be immense, techpally advised.

In winter, cold and damp can prevent the engine from starting. 
The WD-40 Specialist Motor Starter can help here. The product has a low flash point and is also equipped with a lubricant additive.
This ensures that the engine can be started again, even in damp and cold conditions.
The motor starter is not only suitable for vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles, but also for construction site generators, lawn mowers and chain saws. 
It enables a cold start that is gentle on the engine and battery.
 Even if the temperatures outside have dropped to a maximum of -20 degrees or the humidity is high, the engine can be started without any problems.
To start, spray it into the air filter or air intake. With the Smart Straw, you can easily switch between large-area and targeted spraying and thus apply the product optimally.
Before using the WD-40 Specialist Motor Starter, it is necessary to study the machine or vehicle operating instructions. 
According to businesspally, The product is suitable for all diesel and petrol engines. It is characterized by reliable and rapid action.
In addition, the product ensures that the engine can be started again in damp and cold weather.

If nothing happens on the vehicle, the lights are weak or don’t light up at all, this may be due to a dead battery.
Jump starting with a jumper cable initially helps here. Nevertheless, the old battery must then be properly charged or usually even replaced.
 It is important that you use a suitable battery in the vehicle. Otherwise the engine may still not start. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you should leave this job to Techpally professionals.

If the starter makes strange noises during jump starting but the vehicle won’t start, it can be due to a number of things.
This can be due to ignition wiring, air or fuel supply, for example, all of which should be checked.
 If there is no noise from the starter, it may be damaged, but it could also be an engine failure.
In this case, the vehicle should be towed and taken to a workshop. 
Diesel vehicles should not be towed when the engine is cold. If the vehicle cannot be towed and the tires are blocked, a professional repair is required.
 Before taking the car to a workshop, you can check the vehicle’s fuses. This can be the cause, especially in diesel vehicles.

There are many possible reasons why an engine will not start. It could be electrical, engineering, battery or cold and damp weather in winter. 
However, it is possible that the driver just forgot to refuel in time.
 In the worst case, there is engine damage, which can result in the engine block having to be completely replaced. 
It is best if the engine does not want to start because the weather is too cold and wet. 
This is where the WD-40 Specialist Motor Starter comes in handy. It can be used quickly and easily so that the vehicle or machine is quickly ready for use again, says businesspally boss.
It is suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles. It is important that vehicles or machines should be checked regularly for their functionality. 
This is a way of making sure the engine can be started again, quickly and easily. Then failures cannot occur in the first place

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