Care Tips After Buying Birds of Paradise Plants Online Australia

birds of paradise

Buying a plant for your home is easy but taking care of it is a little complicated. Once you purchase the plant online in Australia, you have to choose certain things that contribute to the good growth of the plants using adequate methods. Different plants may require different maintenance routines, and we will discuss the care routine for a stunning plant known as Birds of paradise.

What are Birds of Paradise?

The Bird of Paradise is regarded as the supreme indoor plant. With its lustrous, banana-shaped leaflets that fan out, this big, upright plant gives your room a rich, tropical feel. Although it can tolerate a broad range of lighting conditions and mild, indirect light, it does best in full sun.

The Bird of Paradise needs humidity and water to stay healthy. It needs regular watering to keep the soil moist but never damp or soggy. It will be better from regular sprinkling to increase its humidity to careful watering. The Bird of Paradise is a native of South Africa, which offers plenty of warmth and sunshine.

It should come as no surprise that birds of paradise, which are tropical plants, love strong sunlight. Give your interior bird of heaven the maximum light by positioning it there. Only bright, indirect light can be used when it’s extremely hot, such as in a sunroom. If the leaves on your plant are beginning to yellow, consider increasing the exposure to light.

Rich, water-retentive soil with good drainage is preferred by birds of paradise.


A regular watering routine is beneficial for the health of birds of paradise. During the growing seasons of spring and summer, keep the soil moist, but during the dormant seasons of fall and winter, permit the drying between waterings.

High-salt water could cause the leaves to burn. In such a case, you could hydrate the bird of paradise with purified water or, if that’s not an option, rainwater. Although they thrive in ordinary household humidity, birds of paradise may benefit from brief misting during the drier winter months.


Use an all-purpose liquid fertiliser reduced to half its suggested strength to fertilise your bird of happiness in the summer and spring. In the fall and winter, avoid fertilising the bird of paradise because too much nutrient can produce leaf tip burn.


Average humidity is sufficient for Strelitzia Nicolai to survive, while higher humidity benefits its growth. To establish the optimal environment, put your Bird of Paradise in a naturally humid area, or use a dehumidifier or a stone tray filled with water. Find out how to make your indoor plants’ humidity levels higher!


During the growing season, fertilise using a watered full liquid fertiliser every other week. Alternatively, you might add a layer of green manure to the soil that is 1″ thick. Push the composting into the topsoil layer, giving it lots of water. The Bird of Paradise can expand quickly, and you can help it develop to its maximum potential by giving it more nutrients.


Problems Often Found When Raising Birds of Paradise

Although the Bird of Paradise is a pest-free plant, it can be vulnerable to spider mites. Address pests as they appear by wiping down the plant frequently and weekly applications of a natural insecticide like neem oil.

Symptom: Leaf splits into the sides.

CAUSE: Regular adaptation to enable the plant to withstand severe storms in its natural environment.

Yellowing lower leaves and moist potting soil are symptoms.

REASON: Overwatering

Wilting, curled leaves, and dry potting soil are symptoms.

CAUSE: A thirsty, submerged plant

Final Words

Using these tips, you can ensure that your bird of paradise grows without hindrance. You can find various plants online in Australia based stores to buy this plant. You can also buy several accessories that enhance the appeal of the plant and your home.

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