Chatbots: Quick Look into Their Types for Perfect Selection


If you are new to the concept of Chatbots then relax. This post is going to get you a fair idea about chatbots and their common types. Remember a chatbot on an e-commerce website is going to be completely contrary to the one for financial services or Banking.

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You know, just like human beings, these chatbots have different personalities and gestures.  Of course, when you speak with any chatbot development agency, you would get to know about the detailed working and purpose of different chatbots. But before that, it would be nice to know about different types of chatbots quickly in this post.

Linguistic-Based Rule-Based Chatbots

In case you can easily predict the kind of questions your customers may ask, a linguistic chatbot could be the solution for you. Linguistic or rules-based types of chatbots form up conversational automation flows using if or then logic. First, you must define the language conditions of the chatbots you choose. Conditions might get created to assess the words, the overall order of the words, synonyms, and even more. In case the incoming query blends well with the conditions well-defined by your chatbot, your customers will get the appropriate help right away.

However, it is your task to ensure that each permutation, as well as the combination of every question, is defined. If that does not take place, the chatbot is not going to understand your customer’s input. This is the reason that a linguistic model, while incredibly common, might be slow to develop. Such chatbots actually ask for rigidity and specificity.

Menu/button-based type of chatbots

Menu/button-based type of chatbots are the most general type of chatbots currently implemented in the present market. In most instances, such chatbots are hyped decision tree hierarchies that are presented to the visitor or user in the shape of buttons. Just like the automated phone menus, you all interact with on nearly a daily basis, these chatbots demand the user to make manifold selections to dig deeper towards the final answer.

Though these chatbots are sufficient for answering frequently asked questions that cover up eighty percent of support queries; they fall short in more advanced types of scenarios wherein there are too many variables or even extremely much knowledge at play to predict how users must get to specific answers with confidence. It’s also worth noting that menu/button-based types of chatbots are the slowest in the sense that they take up much time to get the user to their wanted value.

Machine learning or ML chatbots

First, know about a contextual chatbot that is far more advanced than any of the bots discussed earlier. These kinds of chatbots make use of Machine Learning (ML) as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to remember conversations with particular users to simply learn and grow over time. Contrary to keyword recognition-based bots, chatbots having contextual awareness are sufficiently smart to self-improve based on what real users are asking for and how exactly they are asking it.


To sum up, these were only three of the many types of chatbots that you can choose for your business. Discuss your aspirations with the best chatbot development company and you would get the perfect solution.

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