Education 2.0 Conference Reviews Ways For Scam Prevention Against Diploma Mills 


Numerous internet advertisements promise degrees obtained online with little to no effort and without submitting any papers. If you can demonstrate that you have enough “life experience,” a master’s or doctorate may also be offered. Even legitimate universities award degrees that they are not permitted to grant. All of this amounts to a diploma mill’s fake degree. How would it feel about spending thousands of dollars and a lot of time earning a bachelor’s degree only to learn that your college was a diploma mill? Nobody wants to go through it. The good news is that speakers at the top education events in 2022, like the Education 2.0 Conference, have figured out ways to advise you on preventing con artists like these since we are the leading provider of Primary Source Verification (PSV) worldwide.

How To Spot A Degree Mill

It is feasible to tell if a candidate obtained their degree from a mill. However, you must be diligent in using trustworthy resources for education verification and know where to check.

Among the warning signals of a degree mill are:

  • Not authorized

A body recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Department of Education does not accredit diploma mills. It’s vital to remember that some diploma mills establish their accrediting organizations to give the appearance of accreditation. The educators from the Education 2.0 Conference emphasized that to be legitimately accredited, those organizations must still be approved by the CHEA or Department of Education. Many diploma mills claim to be “licensed,” but accreditation differs from licensing to operate as an education services provider.

  • Quick degrees

Diploma mill scams award degrees and diplomas in days or weeks rather than months or years. Students are frequently given class credit in exchange for the life and professional experience, and there are often no lectures, tests, or other evaluation forms.

  • Unusual address

The campuses of scam diploma mills are ill-defined, and some don’t even have physical locations. Instead, they might work out of a P.O. box or an email address. Some diploma mills are situated in remote, distant nations, claiming they are immune from U.S. educational laws and accepted by unrecognized international organizations.

  • No personnel or faculty

While diploma scams sometimes have fancy websites, they rarely mention their faculty or other staff. Some give stock images of persons with their names stated and no background information regarding the faculty’s backgrounds, experiences, or areas of specialization.

How To Prevent Degree Mills

You can take the following steps provided by professionals at the Education 2.0 Conference to avoid diploma mills:

  • Verify with the official authorities in the U.S.

Verifying with official educational authorities can be a helpful tool for researching companies. You can check whether the school has ever received any complaints and how they were handled.

  • Obtain Suggestions

Ask around if you have questions about a school. Find out if anyone you know has gone to the school or knows anything about it. People you trust’s recommendations can be helpful while making a decision.

  • Seek Out Warning Signs

A few warning signs are pointing to a diploma mill scam. For instance, a school is probably a diploma mill if it doesn’t have an actual address or if it promises you’ll graduate quickly. Choose carefully.

  • Watch Out for Schools That Award Degrees Based on Life Experience

Finally, be wary of universities that grant degrees with your prior experiences. Certain accredited institutions provide these kinds of programs, but diploma mills are more likely to do so. Before enrolling, be careful to conduct a thorough investigation of the institution.

Final Thoughts

Getting scammed by diploma mills has become a comparatively easy task. One must consider the abovementioned factors when choosing a course or an education program. Despite this, if one becomes a victim of such a scam, the upcoming education events will provide ways to act against these diploma mills and recover the losses. 

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