Free Passive Income Apps To Earn Money

Free Passive Income Apps To Earn Money

Technology in financial markets is taking it to the next level. The revolution in trading and making money through various assets and markets is an excellent opportunity for traders. 

Passive income apps is one such advanced facility that traders can enjoy. Through the article we’ll be discussing the free passive income apps to earn money. Traders can learn about these and make good trades to have the profits.

Top 5 Passive Income Apps

Passive income apps are the softwares that have automated portfolio management tools. It makes it easier for traders to follow a balanced fund trading strategy to manage their portfolios. 

The users can be their own wealth manager and make it easier to allocate cash and maintain a target allocation. Below we have the top five passive income apps that traders can rely upon. 

They can use them for their efficient trading and make money easily. 


Honeygain is the first app that helps the users to make money online by sharing their internet connection. The passive income app tops our list as it has no fuss, traders can set it up once and easily make good passive trades.

It is a free application that works on any mobile device or desktop. The platform helps traders by sharing securely their excess internet bandwidth. It transmits publicly available web data for the businesses looking to improve their ad ranking. 

They can also compare prices, and prevent ad fraud. Besides, it does not compromise your security. 

Also, it allows users to monetize their unused internet traffic by turning their device into a network gateway. 


Swagbucks is a simple passive income app. It has diverse options available for the traders to make extra income. Traders of the platform get SB points on doing their specific tasks. 

On every 100 SB points traders get $1. The cash earned through it is directly transferable into the bank account linked with Paypal. The platform is powered by Yahoo! 

It is also a search engine so traders have it as a default search engine giving SB credits. Besides, Swagbucks also has swag buttons which are the code to earn money.  


Peer2profit is another passive income platform. The popular app shares the internet allowing users to monetize their internet connection by sharing their surplus bandwidth. 

Revenue on the platform is generated by directing internet traffic to advertisers, IT industry, marketing or analytical companies. They use the bandwidth for legal purposes. 

Besides, it supports a number of payment/payout methods. Each of the methods have different payment limits. 

Survey Junkie

Survey junkie as the name says allows users to earn through surveys. Traders can answer the surveys and earn dollars on them. The money can be withdrawn through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. 

Earning with the survey junkie is simple. The app recommends surveys based on the preference of the trader. Traders can finish the surveys within 5 to 30 minutes. It is not only confined to surveys but there are tasks as well to complete. 

Traders can set up their profile and attend the group session that can help you earn money too. These are good options that traders can have to make easy income. The passive income earned can be through simple surveys or task completion. So, use them to make good earnings. 

Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars allows users to earn by reading emails. It was founded in 2000 by Daren Cotter. The platform connects brands with consumers. The brand needs consumers to try new products, give their feedback, take surveys, watch targeted messaging and much more services. 

Each time an activity is completed by the participants the brand pays to the platform. The platform further pays to the participants. They share a portion of the earnings with their customers. 

So, a good way to earn is by reading emails and making good passive incomes online. 


The article guides traders with the five best free passive income apps to earn money. They can compare them, know which one will suit them and then earn passive income through the platform

Honeygain, swagbucks, peer2profit, survey junkie and inbox dollars all are good passive income apps available in the market. Choose the best one and make a great income. 

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