Get connected with Cisco C9200L-24T-4G-E and C9200L-24T-4X from Switch Tech Supply


The Cisco C9200L-24T-4G-E is one of the top-notch series, which provides your midsize business and branch office with the best connectivity at a single port. Moreover, with its built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your hardware and software easily.

C9200L-24T-4X series models are great choices because they provide your system connection full PoE+ capability along with power and fan redundancy, stacking bandwidth up to 160 Gbps, and modular uplinks. Therefore, you can get a smooth connectivity and user experience.

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Features of C9200L-24T-4G-E:

Field-Replaceable Units (FRU) support:

These series switches have a strong connectivity system that helps in to deliver your enterprise Field-Replaceable Units (FRU), which support power supply along with fans, and modular uplinks.

Moreover, they support an internal fixed power supply and optional power adapters, even when upstream 802.3bt type4 90W PSE does not power them.

Backplane Stacking enables:

They have Operational efficiency, which is created to provide you with some optional in addition to backplane stacking that can support stacking bandwidth up to 160 Gbps. Moreover, this feature helps to make your connection more effective.

Switch operations:

These can provide you with optimum power saving, which can help you with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE). Along with it, the RJ-45 ports and low-power operations for the magnificent power management and power consumption capabilities for your network connectivity.

Bluetooth connection system:

One of the prominent features of this series data switch, which makes them top-notch, is that they have a built-in Bluetooth system to connect your office in a large range. Moreover, you can connect your laptops and tablets with it easily because they provide you to use this wireless interface as an IP management port interface.

In addition, you can use the port for configuration and troubleshooting using WebUI. Moreover, the Command-Line Interface (CLI), which helps to transfer images and configurations.

Granular visibility allowance:

These series allow model-driven telemetry to stream data from a switch to a destination. Moreover, they support the data to stream in identified with the help of a subscription to a data set in a YANG model.

In addition to this, the subscribed data set can stream to the destination at specified intervals. Because of the IOS XE system, they provide your connection near real-time monitoring of the network, leading to quick detection and rectification of failures.

Features of C9200L-24T-4X:

 High availability support:

These series switches support the high availability of different features like Cross-stack WLAN Channel, which help in to provide the ability to configure Cisco Ether Channel technology across different members of the stack for high resiliency.

Moreover, they support an advanced Per-VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree (PVRST+) system, which allows rapid spanning tree (IEEE 802.1w) convergence on a per-VLAN spanning-tree basis. Therefore, they provide simpler configurations than MSTP.

SD-Access system:

In these series switches, Cisco tries to provide you SD-Access, which comes with enterprise structure and policy-based automation from edge to cloud. Moreover, they provide simplified segmentation and micro-segmentation, with predictable performance.

In addition to this, they give you scalability and automation through the Cisco DNA Center Policy handled through the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), which support the faster launch of new business services and significantly improves issue in no time.

Final thoughts:

There is no doubt in saying that these data switches are fully compatible to meet the new and latest IT technology. You can enhance the connection performance of your company with them. Therefore, buy them from Switch Tech Supply.

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