Get the attention of casting directors by submitting a demo of your voice over work.

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If you want to work in voice over, you’ll need to create a demo or showreel. Casting agents for voice over work will listen to your demo to gauge your voice quality before determining whether or not to hire you. It’s like a recorded version of your curriculum vitae or resume.

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In any case, what are these voice over companies looking for when they listen? They need to analyse your voice for classification purposes and to see if you have commercial potential. This calls for top-notch technological execution. The process shouldn’t take hours and hours. A voice reel should be no more than three to four minutes, preferably much shorter. Let’s start with the information that has to capture.

Examine where voice over actors are getting paid to see if you can cut them a break. Radio and television commercials, movie trailers, and the business world are all good examples. The acronym “IVR” can also use to describe these types of on-hold phone communications. Together, they present a veritable treasure trove of possibilities for voice over actors. The question is, though, where to start looking for scripts.

DIY writing of these documents can save money. Kick back in front of the TV or radio and enjoy the wide variety of tones and styles available, from hard to medium to soft sell advertising to show trails and, in the UK and Europe, the ubiquitous continuity announcements. Create a number of different plans and products. Then, give originality a shot. Keep it simple and avoid using real company names, as they quickly become obsolete. If the listening agent thinks you shot an advertisement for the company in issue, using fake identities is ideal. Consider what you could say to assist promote a company or cause in under 30 seconds.

Scripts should be no more than 30 to 50 seconds.

The practise of recording conversations is now require. You will need to have access to a computer, some software, and a microphone. Because there is such a wide range in USB microphone quality, it’s crucial to invest in the best one you can afford. There is a wealth of open-source software accessible for download from the internet; take some time to look around and see if you can find anything that suits your needs and is easy to set up and begin using.

A studio-like recording environment can be achieved by isolating the microphone from the ambient noise in the room using a cushion enclosure.

After you have completed speaking into the recording device, you should always play back the final product. Hearing how you read aloud might help you determine if you are reading too quickly, too slowly, without enough intensity, or with too much dramatisation. Listen to what your inner ear is telling you. Don’t give the identical presentation to every agent; they’ll become bored.

Burn each recording on a CD once you’re happy with it voice over actor. Advertisements, narrating, and corporate pieces should all be represent. Applying with a cover letter and headline that reads “young, fresh sounding female voice; true British accent” is a good idea.

Now is the time to send out the content to studios that specialise in voice over. The reality of doing business is that you will frequently be turn down. However, if your demo is impressive and they enjoy listening to your voice, you might be given another chance.

Rich Sweetman, who coaches and voices cartoon characters, is a coach and voice over actor agency. Rich’s media includes scripts and further instruction for budding voice over actors.

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