How To Clean Your Room Fast And Easily – Cleaning Tips

How to clean your room fast?

Your room is a private space and a place to rest for only you. Cleaning your room should be done regularly. Because if you don’t clean the bedroom for a long time, the space can be a bit messy and unhygienic. By keeping the bedroom clean, you can turn it into an organized, hygienic, and comfortable space. Therefore, take your pen and note down this checklist on how to clean your room fast. 

How to clean your room fast step by step

Many of you will not know where to start cleaning the bedroom, so here is a checklist that you can refer to.

1. Dust the ceiling and walls & clean the floor

Use a long-handled brush and a mop to clean the dust from the ceiling. A feather broom with a long handle helps a lot in these high areas. If you don’t have one, tie a piece of cloth to the broom handle.

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Most of the dust will be in the crevices where the wall and ceiling meet, so sweep along the ceiling to remove dust. The rags and wipes will absorb the dust instead of scattering it. They make cleaning the bedroom much easier. Watch out for spiders trying to take over the corners of the ceiling. Remove cobwebs with a duster or broom. Take the floor mat outside to clean the dust.

  • Vacuum like you would a regular carpet to remove most of the dust and small debris.
  • Then shake the carpet (outside the bedroom) to remove any remaining dust and debris.
  • Do not let the carpet get wet. Let the carpet dry in sunlight to kill bacteria
  • Roll the carpet back into the bedroom when you’re done.

Some small rugs you can easily clean and wash at home. Check the manufacturer’s notes to make sure it’s safe to wash the carpet. As for the large carpets, which have not been cleaned for a long time, using the carpet cleaning service is how to clean your room fast.

When it comes to vacuuming the floor, use the vacuum cleaner on the carpet to get rid of the dust and dirt in it. Use a steam cleaner to deal with dirty areas that are frequently walked by people, such as near doors. Then, spot-treat remaining stains if necessary to restore the carpet to good condition.

To treat carpets in place without moving, try using vinegar or specialized cleaners. Old stains are difficult to remove, so always treat stains as soon as they form to prevent them from becoming difficult to clean.

2. Clean the items in the bedroom

Don’t overlook anything hanging from the ceiling! Even if you can’t see the dust from below, it’s probably hanging a lot there. If you can clean the lights and fans, wipe them with a damp cloth or paper towel and an all-purpose cleaner to remove any dirt or grime.

The top surfaces of the fan accumulate a lot of dust. When you use the fan, the blades push dust around the room, leaving you with more clutter to deal with. 

Don’t skip the comforters, blankets, and pillowcases. Follow these ugg comforter washing instructions and other cleaning tips at FindCouponHere to finish this step quickly and effectively. 

3. Vacuum and wash curtains

Curtains and blinds will collect a lot of dirt because they are often hung on the windows. Brush the curtain with a dry towel, then moisten the towel with warm water or use the best vertical radiators to warm the towel. Using a vacuum with a hose to clean hard-to-reach areas is how to clean your room fast.

Most blinds are machine washable. Take down the curtains and set the washing machine on a long spin cycle. Consider taking your thin curtains to the dry cleaners to avoid damaging them. Curtains will collect quite a lot of dust if you are not used to cleaning them regularly. Wear a dust mask to help you get the job done.

4. Wipe windows and other glass surfaces

Wipe off the dust with a rag before washing the glass. Moisten the glass with a few sprays of glass cleaner. Scrub away stains with a paper towel or cloth. Wipe the glass again with a dry cloth or paper towel to get the best shine.

Don’t forget to clean the photo frames and TV screen. Many glass surfaces are tiny and easily overlooked, but cleaning them will make your room look so much better.

Rules to remember when cleaning the bedroom

The bedroom is a private space and there are many taboo items for each person. When cleaning the bedroom, you need to understand the following principles when deciding how to clean your room fast.

1. Change the bed sheet

Keeping the bed clean and tidy will also help the bedroom look more beautiful and fresh. Don’t let your pillowcase get dirty before you change it. Fragrant pillowcases both help you sleep better and keep the room neater.

Note that every time you wake up or take a few minutes to fold the blanket and flatten the sheet. This job is small but very effective.

2. Put things back

Keeping the furniture in the bedroom always in the right position is difficult for many people. Because when lying on the bed, you are often lazy to get up and store things, then throw everything in a corner.

This bad habit not only makes it difficult to find things but also makes your bedroom look sloppy. The habit of storing things in the right place after use will make your room surprisingly tidy, and also how to clean your room fast. 

3. Dust once a week

No matter how tight your house is, dust can’t be avoided. If you don’t want to spend all day cleaning a centimeter-thick pile of dust, you should schedule to spend about 20 minutes a week cleaning the dust on the surface of the furniture. With just a damp rag, your bedroom will become incredibly clean.

4. Vacuum the pet’s sleeping area

Many people have the habit of letting their pets sleep in the same room. Obviously, your pet is adorable. But to keep the bedroom space healthy and clean, you must pay attention to vacuuming as well as washing the carpets and places regularly.

5. Put fragrant in the bedroom to get rid of the bad smell

The worst odors are usually coming from the floor, especially from the carpet. The most perfect way is to put a beautiful vase of roses to put on the table. If not, spray some air freshener or use an air cleaner. Scented herbs, incense, or candles also help complete your beautiful bedroom. Remember those musty odors due to dampness and mold need to be treated separately in conjunction with a thorough cleaning.

Be careful when lighting candles or other perfumes. Don’t leave anything burning unattended and make sure anyone else you live with is receptive to the scent.

6. Know how to give up

The wardrobe is also one of the items that take up a lot of space in the bedroom. Let’s make the wardrobe neater and your room not overloaded with all kinds of clothes and shoes. Each season you should spend time picking out items that are not really necessary for you to give back to the people who need them. This is not only how to clean your room fast, but also a good gesture to show your kindness. 

Above, we have suggested good tips to keep your bedroom clean, safe and comfortable. Follow us to accumulate more great home cleaning tips!

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