How to draw a Dinosaur

How to draw a Dinosaur

How to draw a Dinosaur. The dinosaurs traveled through the land millions of years ago. Despite having ruled the earth for a long time, they have fascinated young people and the elderly for generations. Dinosaur fans usually have their favorite dinosaur, and if brontosaurus is one of your favorites and you want to draw one, then you are lucky!

Upon reaching the end of this guide, you will easily draw a dinosaur. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing a Dinosaur

Step 1:

We’ll get out for the first stage of this guide on how to draw a dinosaur! The brontosaurus has a small head so we will start with this for this guide. You can draw on the small head using curved lines as it appears in the reference image. The image is there to help you, but if you are difficult to form, you can try to use a pencil until you follow it.

Step 2:

The neck of a brontosaurus is likely its numerous distinct feature, so let’s draw it to this next step. To draw it, draw two curved lines from the head of your dinosaur drawing. The reference image will give you a good idea of ​​the length and angle you should seek from your drawing.

Step 3:

Now that you keep the head and channel of your dinosaur drawing, you can draw behind your back! This step will be easy because you can use a line that bends then the image to create a return to the dinosaur.

Step 4:

As you can see, your dinosaur is starting to take shape now! We will add a beautiful long tail to your dinosaur design for this step. You can use a beautiful long line that bends in the end, as it appears in the image. Maybe you can change the angle of the tail a little to give the impression that it shakes me like a dog!

Step 5:

Your dinosaur drawing needs legs to get up, so let’s add some at this stage! The brontosaurus legs are quite thick at the top and stop thinner. For this stage, we will add only the legs closest to us and add the other two legs later.

Step 6:

For this shorter step, we will add the other legs. They are very easy to add because you only need two curved lines behind the legs you have already designed to make your legs appear as they do in the reference image.

You can also change the leg position a little if you want to create a different position for your dinosaur! You can even give the impression that your dinosaur works if you change the position a little.

Step 7:

How to draw a Dinosaur

For step 7 of this guide on how to draw a dinosaur, there is a chance to be a little creative! To finish his dinosaur drawing, he needs a pleasant face with smaller details. You can reproduce these details as they appear in the reference image, but you can also change some details if you want a unique look for your image! For example, you can change the facial expression of your dinosaur drawing for a fun variation. What details will you use for your dinosaur drawing?

Step 8:

How to draw a Dinosaur

Your dinosaur drawing is almost complete, and I’m sure it looks amazing! Before being done, however, he needs one more appearance. This step will be a lot of fun because you can let your creativity be triggered while you get into your magnificent dinosaur drawing! We show a way to color it with our reference image so you can use it as a guide or use your favorite colors to finish it.

Another way to customize the drawing would also attract a fun and colorful background to your drawing. You can also have fun with different coloring art supports in your drawing. For example, acrylic paintings can give their colors a thick and vibratory look, while watercolor paintings can give their images a much softer look. What do you think you will use to finish your dinosaur drawing?

Make your dinosaur drawing even better!

Come back in time as we cover 5 ways to make this Dino even more amazing! For this drawing of dinosaurs, we draw the diploid. It is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs popular worldwide, but you can attract other dinosaurs around you. You can look for photos of other dinosaurs online to help you if you want to do it. What are the other dinosaurs you could add? No one has ever seen a live dinosaur, so a little conjecture is involved in his appearance. This outline of dinosaurs shows classic interpretation, but nowadays, some scientists believe that dinosaurs could have been covered with feathers.

You can draw these details about this Dino if you want to reproduce this theory. Again, you can find online photos of this look for this dinosaur! Scientists say a dinosaur of this size should eat a lot of plants daily. For this reason, we think you can add trees, leaves, and other plants so that this dinosaur snacks. It would also allow you to use all kinds of bright, beautiful green colors and others!

It can be fun to imagine how prehistoric lands could have been, and you can show what you think could have been drawing a background. You can add details like strange and wonderful trees, volcanoes, or other elements you can imagine. We thought it would help to take this dinosaur drawing to the next level! Previously, we explained how much we do not know what to feel about dinosaurs. Who can say they couldn’t have bright peas, for example? Our last advice is to show us what types of colors you think this dinosaur could have had in your body. You can go with popular scientific interpretations or make this dinosaur as exciting and colorful as possible!

Your Dinosaur drawing is complete.

We hope this Step Guide on drawing a dinosaur in 8 steps has been fun and useful for you! When you learn to draw something new, it can be much easier to divide it into smaller and more manageable steps. It is exactly what we try to do in this guide, and we are convinced that if you follow the steps and do your best, you will have an amazing dinosaur drawing quickly!

After drawing a dinosaur, it is up to you to use your imagination to finish it with your details and color choice. We are sure the two drawings will not be identical, so we can barely wait to see what you offer! We often publish new big drawing guides step by step, so go back to our page often to ensure you never lose pleasure!

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