iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished: Is it really worth in 2022?


The question of whether the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished is really worth in 2022 mainly depends on what you want your phone to be used for. But still, we can safely say that this is a great entry-level smartphone having some noteworthy iPhone characteristics, the touch ID, and an enhanced 12 MP camera, being some of the prime examples.

Although this iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished tends to be on the heavier side, this premium flagship from Apple supports wireless charging and is capable of taking better images than the other previous models. And if you are someone who likes the sleek-looking phone, then the glass back on this model might just do the trick. If you want a bargain refurbished phone with a larger display, the iPhone 8 Plus can just be the best Apple Refurb in UK.  Here we will be taking a look at some of the features that make the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished a solid buy.

What are the color options available for iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished come in?

The iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished is available in three standard colors: silver, gold, and space grey. Although there is also a red version of it, that tends to be rarer.

What makes the iPhone 8 Plus a good phone?

If you are looking for an entry-level refurbished phone at a cheap price point, the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished can be one of your favorite options. It may be a bit older in smartphone years but it’s a great smartphone all around. This model offers decent battery life, Touch ID, wireless charging, and a much-improved camera over its predecessors.

Although this premium flagship from Apple features a 12MP camera, the detail, saturation, and contrast on the iPhone 8 Plus are much improved and did we mention, it offers a dual-lens system. The camera can capture zoomed images with more clarity and the images are less prone to appearing blown out. And speaking about the looks, this iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished gets an upgrade from an aluminum casing to a glass back, thereby giving the handset a pretty sleek appearance.

Can we screen record in iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished?

Yes, you have the feature of screen recording in iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished. All you need to do to enable screen recording is go to Settings> Control Centre> Customize Controls> and scroll down to add screen recording. Then, you can access it via a 3D touch from your main screen.

What is the average battery life of an iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished?

Now, a definite question that might be striking your mind is how long the battery of an iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished will last. It can be safely said that the battery can last for approximately 10-12 hours but that would depend on how you use your phone. You can expect more out of the battery if you tend to use your phone more for phone calls and audio playback than for internet browsing. Also, you need to keep this thing in mind that the more recent iOS versions tend to use more power.

What are the available options of GB with an iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished?

iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished is available in 64 GB and 256 GB. However, there are some models where there is 128GB of storage.

Is the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished a good-budget phone?

If you are looking for a good budget phone, the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished will surely fit your bill. By contemporary standards, it has an acceptable design, and the good thing is that it is significantly cheaper than the next model up,i.e., iPhone X. On top of that, it is also faster than the previous generations of smartphones.

Will you get iOS 14 with iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished?

Yes. iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished supports iOS 14. In fact, iOS 14 is compatible with the iPhone 6S and all phones that were launched after that.

Which one is better- iPhone 8 Refurbished or iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished?

Truth be told, the two models are extremely similar. Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished are good smartphones that come in the same storage capacities of 64 GB and 256 GB, and sometimes 128GB.

The major difference between the two is that the refurbished iPhone 8 has a smaller 4.7-inch Retina display and single-lens camera setup, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished features a larger 5.5-inch retina display and dual-lens system.

When it comes to choosing Apple Refurb in UK, if you are confused, as to what to choose between the iPhone 8 Refurbished and the iPhone 8 Plus Refurbished we would say that if you care about digital content and photography, the iPhone 8 Plus might just be the best fit for you because you will likely see the most difference in image quality. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 refurbished could be your handset if you want something small and efficient for smaller hands or tuck away in a pocket.


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