Is College Right For You?

Is College Right For You?

Going to college is a big decision. Most adults tell high school students to attend college after graduation to give them the best opportunities in life. However, college isn’t right for everyone, and everyone must decide for themselves whether college is the right move. When planning your future, you must evaluate whether or not to go to college. You can look at your financial situation, desires, and what you want your future to look like to help you make the right decision.

Pros and Cons of Going to College

Even though you’re pressured to go to college from the time you’re in elementary school, you don’t have to do it, especially if your future career doesn’t require a college degree. Although college has many advantages, it’s not the right decision for everyone, and you should evaluate so many things before you decide whether to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an education that may not help you land a job. 


  • Improve potential for career success: Many employers want to hire individuals with a college degree, even if their majors aren’t related to the job. College not only gives someone the knowledge they need for specific careers, but it also gives them skills for the workplace. Individuals with college degrees are more likely to be recruited by companies, making it easier to land a job. 
  • Networks: Having a network is important during the job search because it can help you get a foot in the door with several different companies. For example, knowing someone who already works for a company can help you get introduced to decision-makers who may want to hire you. Establishing these connections is easiest in college because you can meet so many different people. 
  • Internship opportunities: Most employers want to hire individuals with work experience, especially if it relates to the role and its duties. Going to college can give you opportunities for internships that relate to your major and chosen field.
  • Increases earnings potential: A college degree may improve your earning potential, allowing you to earn more money after graduation. If you get an advanced degree, you may earn more than tens of thousands of dollars more than someone who doesn’t have a degree. 


  • Time-consuming: If you want a degree, you’ll have to go to school for at least two to four years, depending on the type of degree. If you get an advanced degree, you’ll spend even more time in school. College is time-consuming and prevents you from joining the workforce as soon as you graduate high school. 
  • A degree is not always required: College degrees aren’t always required for jobs. Many jobs don’t require you to have a degree. Still, those with a college degree will have a competitive edge, but many fields don’t require a degree, making it easy for you to join the workforce whenever you’re ready. In addition, anyone, no matter their education level, can find a well-paying job with or without a college education. 
  • A degree doesn’t guarantee jobs: A college degree doesn’t guarantee a job after graduation. Many college graduates find it difficult to land jobs, taking entry-level jobs or low-paying jobs just to pay their bills. Even with a college degree, anyone can have a difficult time getting a job, so you should research the fields you’re interested in to ensure there are jobs available. 


Before you start applying to colleges, there are a few things to consider to determine if you actually want to be there. If you attend college only to find that it’s not for you, you’ll have wasted tons of money and time, so it’s always best to figure out what you want now. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if college is right for you: 

Do I know what job I want? 

If you know what type of job you want in the future, you can determine whether college is right for you. For example, if you want to be a vet behaviorist who treats dogs with anxiety, you’ll have to attend school and go through a veterinary program to arm you with the right knowledge and skills to safely treat and care for pets.

Is this something you want?

Many high school students are expected to go to college, but that doesn’t mean they should. You should never go to college just because someone else expects you to unless it’s what you really want. However, if you go to college only to flunk out of your classes or experience extreme stress, it would be a waste of your time and money when you could have been earning money in a job you enjoy. 

College is one of many paths to success, and you can earn a living wage or more from a job that doesn’t require a degree. College degrees don’t always result in employment, and they’re expensive to obtain, so if you can join the workforce faster and start working in a career without the degree, you have the potential to earn more.

Do you like school? 

If you went through high school hating school, college is not right for you. If you’re the type of person who stuffs their homework in their backpack and forgets about it until it’s time to turn it in, you may find it challenging to manage your homework and class schedule when you go to college. College students have more freedom than high school students; they don’t have parents constantly hassling them about whether or not they’ve completed their homework, and they can choose to skip class whenever they want. However, there are consequences to not getting your homework done or attending class, and if you don’t like school, you might face these consequences. 

If you don’t like school, you may not make it through four more years of it, especially if you can’t commit yourself to doing well in school. However, college is difficult, and if you don’t keep a high enough GPA, they can kick you out, which means thousands of dollars wasted. 

Final Thoughts

Even though everyone throughout your entire life tells you to go to college, it’s not necessary, especially if you’re someone who never enjoyed school and wants to start earning money as soon as possible. That being said, many people enjoy college and do well after graduation. However, others find it challenging to land their first job or find a job in a different field. To determine if college is right for you, consider your preferences and what you want your future to be. 

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