Men’s Suits and Tweed Pants


If you don’t already own one, you should invest in a tweed suit for the coming fall and winter. The pieces of a tweed suit can be worn separately or together, making it a great option for the winter wardrobe.

Simply put, what is tweed? Since it’s made of wool, you should expect it to be little scratchy. This cloth is a favourite because of its slack weave and Scottish heritage, which allows for ease of movement. The name “tweed” indicates the weaving of the fabric rather than any particular design. This is the method through which the weave pattern of various tweeds may be determine. The most popular type of tweed, known as Harris tweed check wedding suits uk, has tiny flecks of purple, red, and orange that give the cloth a rich overall hue. The herringbone weave characteristic of tweed is easily distinguish by its diagonal v shape. And traditional black and white colour palette.

The adaptability of a suit is a quality that often gets overlook by guys. With a two-piece suit, you have the option of wearing just the pants, just the jacket, or both pieces separately. If you buy a three-piece tweed suit, you suddenly have seven different ways to wear only three pieces. You can wear the pants alone, the vest alone, the jacket alone, the pants and vest together. The jacket and pants together, or all three pieces together. One garment may be ware in so many different ways!

Tweed’s rough texture makes its wearer look rich and comfortable. In light of this, a three-piece tweed suit is a great option for dressy events in the fall and winter. If you want to wear everything together, you might want to go with a neutral tweed like a dark brown Harris Tweed. Those unplanned colour splotches in the fabric will give your outfit the unique flair it needs. Wear a tie in a colour that stands out clearly in the cloth to make these tones pop. You can’t go wrong with a dark brown three-piece Harris Tweed suit, a burgundy button-down shirt. And a gold and burgundy diagonally striped tie. The only thing missing from this getup is a stunning timepiece, tie bar, and cuff links. Perhaps the last touch would be a tweed Trilby cap.

You may take this suit apart and utilise the individual pieces to put together a whole new ensemble. Khaki chinos, a blue and white pinstriped button down cavani polo shirts, tweed suit pants, and a Glen plaid tie are a great choice for a business casual style. The suit vest can be paire with a grey button-down shirt and the navy wool pants as an alternative. If you want to look casual on the weekend, try teaming your suit pants with a navy cashmere sweater and a scarf. To be warm without sacrificing your sense of style, you could also layer a rust-colored sweater vest under your suit jacket.

As you can see, there are many reasons to invest in a tweed suit beyond merely having a great fall/winter backup suit. The best way to maximise the wearability of the items is to incorporate them into your typical wardrobe rotation.

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