Things to Consider After Buying Marimo Moss Ball From a Nursery


One of our favourite recent plants is the Marimo moss ball. Marimo is both odd and lovely, and caring for them is fairly simple. The lovely mythology surrounding these aquatic creatures is another reason to like Marimo moss balls.

The story of two people who only wanted to be together is a legend. After their love was forcibly outlawed, they fell into the ocean, and their hearts turned into Marimekko balls. According to legends, Marimo brings the recipient and gives their hearts’ desires. The plant can be found easily by looking for a nursery near me. Let’s see how this adorable plant can be cared for.

Here are some recommendations to adequately care for the plant


Keep your Marimo in an area with low to moderate indirect light. Marimo must be shielded from the sun’s glare because they are prone to turning brown in direct sunlight. Also, keep in mind that glass Marimo enclosures will intensify direct sunlight, which can quickly heat water. Remember that because these creatures are from chilly lakes, they need to be kept cool.

Marimo can photosynthesise in ordinary household light and grow easily in dim light environments. If there are no windows in your area, place Mario close to a full-spectrum or fluorescent light.

Change the Water 

The water in the container must be replaced once a fortnight with standard tap Ladies bags in Pakistan. In the summer, you’ll need to replace the water more frequently because it heats up and evaporates more quickly. If algae starts to grow on the tank surface, brush the Marimo enclosure.


Make sure to transfer your Marimo to a shady place without direct light if they start to turn brown. They might heal and turn green once more on their own. In that case, add a little bit of ocean salt aquariums.

My Marimo Balls are Floating?

Your Marimo balls are most likely floating because of an air bubble caught inside them. Squeeze your Marimo balls gently to burst the air bubble. After being placed in an enclosure, Marimo typically sinks to the lower part of the tank after 1-2 days.

Can Marimo Live Without Water?

Yes! If maintained in plastic or a tightly covered jar for a few days, Marimo moss balls could thrive without moisture if they aren’t allowed to dry out completely. The simplest way to transport Marimo moss is in plastic bags.

Keeping Marimo in a round shape

In their native environments, Marimo balls are gently rotated and rolled down the lake floor by the currents and waves of the lakes.

You should gently circulate the waters in the Marimo enclosure so that, once your Marimo balls eventually sink to the lower part of the vase, they land on a separate occasion than they did to prevent Marimo from losing their round shape and flattening out. Consider simulating the wavy texture of a lake.

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