Types of Internet Scams or Fraud

internet scam

Hacking, phishing, and malware attacks are some internet scams or frauds that generally happen in the internet world. The reason behind cyber crimes or attacks is that the users share their personal information while shopping or enrolling in some courses or availing of any kind of online services. Third-party websites take full advantage of this and steal the personal information of users. 

Be cautious always in online shopping and other activities while performing on the internet. In this article, we are covering different types of Internet Frauds or Scams:- 

Email Phishing Scams or Spoofing 

Email-based phishing scams are the most common internet scams which prone to threats to internet users and businesses. 

In the phishing scam, cybercriminals try to allure users via emails, text messages, and personal contacts by creating fake websites and asking users about their personal credentials, and banking details, credit card numbers, etc. 

Never ever reply or respond to emails, phone or calls that ask you to share some personal information in any form:- 

  • Ask you to provide organizational or personal information.
  • Threatens you to suspend your account if you haven’t taken immediate action
  • Request you to participate in a survey where you are asked to provide personal information. 
  • Unauthorized transactions are occurred with your bank account(s) and ask to share personal information. 
  • Ask you to enter your User ID, password, or account numbers into an email or non-secure website. 

It is recommended that you please keep in mind the aforementioned points while availing of internet services or sharing personal information. 

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Hijacking is a type of internet scam in which the attacker attacks browsing on the internet and the hijacker steals the user’s information while surfing on the internet or to display persistent advertising.

If you cannot make payment successfully during normal working hours, then contact your administrator program immediately. Some of the signs of a hijacking attack are mentioned below:- 

  • A blank screen will show on your monitor instead of the PaymentNet home screen. 
  • PaymentNet home screen looks something different (some options are missing)
  • PaymentNet home screen requests you to log in again. 
  • It shows that the network is down because of maintenance issues (specifically during normal working hours) that are inconsistent with the pre-advised extended outage Alerts. 

Lottery Fee Scam 

Lottery Free is another form of popular internet scam that allures users they have won lottery tickets. These types of scams will inform users via email, notification, and a phone calls by mentioning that “You have won the lottery or reward,”. To claim the rewards, the users must pay a small fee. 

Some Signs Of Lottery Fee Scam

  • A lottery fee scam generally occurs through an email, notification, or phone call entitled that “You have won the lottery or reward,.” 
  • To win people’s hearts, cyber attackers create an email that exactly looks like an original, but in reality, it’s not. 
  • Fraudsters allure many people by offering that they have won huge amounts of money in the lottery, but the fact is that they have never purchased a lottery ticket in their life. 

Online Shopping Scam

Online shopping is one of the common internet scams frequently happening in the past few years. 

Some signs of Online Shopping Scams

  • In this scam, Cyber attackers create a fake e-commerce site with the intent to cheat as many as people in respect of looting their hard-earned money. 
  • The fraudster listed various products at cheap rates on the fake website. 
  • Once the user makes a decision to purchase a product and make payment. 
  • Either the product is not delivered to a user or delivered a fake product. 
  • These types of fake websites don’t have any refund or return policy, and there is no customer support team for solving customer queries or issues. 

All the aforementioned points are signs of online shopping scams beware while shopping via e-commerce websites. 


Online shopaholics must be aware and protect themselves from internet scams or fraud while scrolling through shopping websites. Always remember that don’t share your personal or financial details, such as phone number, bank account details, credit card number, etc, with anyone – be it a call, message, or email. Also, never send money who meet with you online and allure you for rewards or money. 

If, in the worst case, anyone is targeted by an internet scam or fraud, then immediately contact relevant legal authorities by informing them about legal scammer activity.

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